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soul released by love
soaring skyward to the sun
white wings glistening

With love for DD's brother.

so hard letting go...
summoning the love inside
to do the right thing

such admiration...
supporting those around you
heart shattered inside you

always the strong one...
lay your weary head on me
let me bear the weight


I run across your face

smiling from the past

on colored paper


I turn to ask you

and there is no you to ask

your self is silence


OH, Westerly--this is sublime.

How often this happens to me--to most of us, probably. And how the heart tugs, doesn't it? 

So many memories muddled with time, so many questions still to ask, joys and sorrows to share...

loved ones sail away
voyaging beyond our reach
to a brighter shore

reality burns...
cinders of romantic dreams
float slowly skyward

I found a twenty

going inside Cracker Barrel

so what will I buy........

Dad was a soldier

died shortly after my birth

I miss him dearly

instead, wrote a note

I gave it and the money

to soldier inside

now every day

the note is inspiration

to that honored soul

loss can inspire us...
good deeds honor those we've lost
paying love forward

Your kindness is so characteristic of you, dear M. You turn sorrow into joy.

the dark hammer falls
and snuffs out the sun


another day lost
100,000 soft beats
of an aching heart

hope drifting away...
soul-numbing sameness triumphs
he no longer cares




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