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The 4th of July
family get togethers
praise to red, white, blue

What's it mean to you?
Party with friends all night long?
Night full of fireworks?

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one sunny morning
congress embraces freedom
our nation is born
Kids' shouts cross the lake
Waiting, swatting mosquitoes,
And then, Fireworks!
the 4th was too wet
rain out moves it to today
sparkling 5th July
postponed merriment
hope your weather was perfect
for a sparkling 5th!
Ich wünschte ich hätte schon da, Dave.

no cell phone, no web
just the lake, loons, and laughter
4th of July peace

grilling for the kids

the heat reminds him of her

fireworks exploding

freedom for the brave

young people choose their own lives

this is America


our freedom is won

in homes, schools, streets, battlefields

every single day

free to be just me

can write what my heart desires

without a worry

love in many forms

from the american heart

flows to the masses


(Or at least, this is a goal...)


teaching a concept
in his heart of hearts he knows
what true freedom is




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