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The 4th of July
family get togethers
praise to red, white, blue

What's it mean to you?
Party with friends all night long?
Night full of fireworks?

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the smoke has all cleared

revelers have all gone home

another year passed

we all have our part

making this country the best

and forever free

i watched the night sky
imagining the fireworks
gleaming in your eyes

it's 2018

America, land of free

yes, that's you and me

land sought by others

freedom not present to them

we open our arms ?

today's different

lady liberty sheds tears

founding fathers roll

we pray for guidance

our leaders need to step up

we're better than that

"we live in an age
of political lackeys
and cowards," said draughn

we know what to do
yet we simply don't do it
which injures us all

some hope yesterday
when steve schmidt slammed trump et al
and left the gop

"vote for democrats"
he said, "the party which stands
for truth and decency"

now if we can just
get our fellow democrats
off their safe tuffets

to fight like soldiers
for freedom and human rights
like we did as kids

return to 60's

viva la revolucion

must come together

you reach out your hand
my heart bursts like fireworks
love dispelling pain

Happy July 4th, Beloved.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

July 4th has passed

if that spirit could keep on...........

get our country back

horseshoe bend colorado river page arizona

leader has spoken

standing by a dictator

pray (prey) for our country

our resident rump

short in the popular vote

stole electorate

fireworks gleam somewhere...
in my room i remember
the light in your eyes

lifetimes come and go...
i wonder if true freedom
is attainable

spring lambs are lamb chops...
can we stop f*cking with life
and just let it be?




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