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Reflected reality
Blue sky in the hard window
Foolish bird lies still

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How big is the moon?
like pizza pie or dime sized
test hypothesis...
look up overhead
there it appears much smaller
than on horizon
Wonderful, Chez! Can't say the same for the poor bird :>( .....

is the real person
the snug everyday facade
or the soul beneath?
Thanks, A...I saw it happen, though long ago. It struck me as a metaphor... The bird never revived; I shall.
I have been musing on perceptions and projections...
Your question here is a good one.
Without kudos, we may be doing more commenting... hope you don't mind?
Not at all, Chez...I do miss the kudos in this venue, though...but comments are more personal.

Yes. I've been musing too, and I think I've answered the question for myself. I think both the facade and the deep truth are real, but I also think that it is most often the outer, everyday person to which people eventually default. (To avoid going on here, I'll write you a message later today. )

beholding your soul
i cannot see the facade
the comfortable you
So true. And the reverse...

Comfortable me
No one guesses what's inside
Passing in the street
Love this, L!!!
Is "here" what it was?
Or is it all just a dream?
Too early to tell.....
memories of the past
lie waiting to be recalled
is it all a dream?

There must be a lesson here . . .
bearing all to air
cathartic experience
release and relief




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