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What would that be to you?


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empathy wrought by
crystal clear self-awareness...
no more broken hearts
hearts like the lotus
beautiful unfolding
our treasures revealed
milk and honey free, sharing
all abundantly
Yes, Rishi....

brothers and sisters
all living creatures on earth
loving each other
hearts and minds soaring
golden dreams within our reach
wings for all to fly

peace and happiness
warm, caring, contented hearts
war is history
Oh, M....yes.
real equality...
this minute, look around you
know we're all the same
I am me and we
we have all attained a way
to be together
I second this, DD!
Daytime challenges,
Mixed with evening rest with you,
-plus good food and drink!
Yes, Dave. On a personal scale...

he and me and time
good works, good fun, tantric sex
neverending joy




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