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I can't find DD's hot haiku thread, so I thought I'd start a new one. My guy has "erotic" words fridge magnets & we've started leaving fun, erotic haikus for one another on the fridge, so it's made me want to write some here as well.

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crossing boundaries

you fill me and i fill you...

every human love

droplets falling less

wrapped towel falling slowly

surprised arching back  

balanced on flat feet

poised over your erection

each muscle controlled


we flow together...

you raise your strong hands slowly

and cup my breasts


i grasp your shoulders

sliding down in slow motion

to envelope you


a key in a lock

forged long before time began...

our chakras open


we cease all movement

all focus on our union

the seams of our love


only our eyes speak

our bodies merged in stillness

we find the center

Oh, thank you, K...you honor us. MUCH love to you. Namaste.


sweaty glabella

I tickle her uvula

with my magic wand


HAHAHAHA...I second that, M.!

she pokes me gently

in my intercostal space

my ticklish spot

tickles and laughter...

suddenly the mood changes

her hand slips lower



can you hear me now

I can feel you oh so well

off to Sangri-la

i hold both his hands

he holds me with trusting eyes

we step out in love


horizons recede...

he focuses on feeling

unfamiliar touch


strange yet exciting

releasing deep-seated fear

he lets himself go


four hands explore him

overloading his senses

testing his limits


softness and hardness

opening and contracting

filling, being filled


the union of wills

arousing kundalini

liquid fire rising


in perfect union

we climax, light pouring forth

faces turned skyward







elbows and angles

broad chest heaving, heart pounding

every movement watched


they line up for him

vying for his attention

wanting what they see


veiled eyes devour him

scoring him like a prize stud

moving as he moves


but he desires her

the one who cradles his soul

in her two small hands


together they rise

leaving the rest far behind

to wait in darkness















mashed avocado

smeared recklessly on taut thighs

he pushes me back


tomatoes scatter

he steps on one, the seeds squirt

he licks my instep


grabbing his black curls

i rub his face up my leg

spoiling his new shirt


sour cream coats my quim

"eat your lunch like a good boy"

he grins, and dives in










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