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What do you dream of this holiday season? This one's for my Beloved, who embodies all my hopes, dreams, and wishes...

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Hooray, Dr. Dave is back! Peace and love to you.

Thanks for leaving this, DD. The halls have been pretty quiet for some time. Please keep on writing!

we wait for christmas
counting the days like children...
magic in the air

Pick the perfect gift!

2 day shipping! Whoops-it’s lost!

Modern day tracking screw up! 

Hahahaha! How true--and that's happened to me this holiday season more than once! 

amazon zazzle
king arthur flour f*ck ups
gots no gifts to wrap...

My dreams for this holiday season is that my family, children and grandchildren are safe from COVID.  As much work as it is for the parents, I'm happy that their schools are closed.  My two grandsons both sophmore's have missed last 4 months of school last year and are closed through the end of the year and likely longer.  For me, all I want is to be healthy and covid free until they get a safe vaccine.

Welcome Grandma Helen to haiku land !

Greetings to Grandma

hoping to see more of you

safe, sound and positive

I understand totally, Grandma Helen. So many people are trying to pretend that COVID isn't real. They're desperately trying to force normalcy, especially on the holidays. But I agree with you--these are not normal times and COVID is not simply the flu. It is deadly. So as a nation we must do what we have to do to control and eradicate the pandemic, whether that's wearing masks, social distancing, having school online or not at all, or foregoing the pleasures of family and friends for a while.

I wish you and your family continued COVID-free good health. Let's hope a safe, effective vaccine is rolled out soon and that 2021 will be much better and safer than 2020!

we do what we must
to protect our fellow man
until the new day

I agree with A

all our futures are at stake

all must do our parts

best to A, Grandma

and to all TBD friends

it will get better

to the many souls

with no opportunity

taken before now

for once in my life

a grateful vision will be

my arm and 'the shot'

prayers sent to all

patience, persistence prevail

the task of our times

wishing all out there

in the midst of our chaos

happy holidays

a loving wish, M...
despite the present chaos
may good hearts prevail


boosted holidays

best wishes to all of you

better brewed new year

best wishes to you...
omicron prowls like the grinch
stay masked up and safe

christmas bells chiming...
perched on a frosted pine bough
a cardinal sings




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