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Moo for him baby
Pig and cow lolling in muck
Farm animal bliss

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the bull is out back
hey cow, come see me sometime
miss the farm time bliss
black and white holstein
up to their udders in snow
ready made ice cream

good bovine humor
that cow jumped over the moon
a spaced out milkshake
Hay is for horses
complained the Jersey out back
amidst alfalfa
Bovine mastitis-
Life can be complicated
for cows and for us.
Cows will never know
the farmers constant pressure
beneath monopoly.

Real estate hustle:
social homogenity;
salesmen salivate . . .

dreaming dreams long range
and wide, planting seeds their own ~
of upscale housing.

July 28, 2009
o, "farmers" - that's possessive, isn't it. farmer's
Sorry 'bout that.
Title? Haiku Cows
he says "Holy cow"
the Cubbies main man Harry
may he rest in peace
Hey Cow, Moo she said ~
and street side there's an ecko:
t-shirt ~ "Holy Cow"

where kids go leaping
over sandwich signs: "Stay Cool."
Call me Mr. Cuke.

© D. Winter
July 3o, 2009
Udderly Divine
The Yang To Cereal's Yin
Hey Cow,Where's My Milk?
Dressed in handsome bells
Alpine cows have all the views
In their summer fields
Write out "cow" haiku
Google sends me bovine ads!
Great data mining!




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