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My Chest Feels Too Small
For This Raging Heart That Beats
Against My Rib Cage

Fierce Heart Twice It's Size
Fed Rich On Love You Gave It
Now Nourished And Strong

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Let Me See Your World
Thru Your Wide Eyed Open Heart
I Want To Know You
Oh, Lily...I LOVE your writing. And boy do I relate...

rays of pure light beam
from your eyes and beating heart
joy is who you are
his smile beatific
"will you be my valentine?"
my heart answers, "yes!"
one line comes to mind
"if I only had a heart"
not lost just dormant
I say from afar
come out wherever you are
open heart and soul
hidden from harms way
sensitive hearts seek solace
to share same desires
my heart echoes yours...
beating of rain on lotus
wings of hummingbirds
My heart feels heavy
Laughing I must clutch my chest
Please Lord - please, not now.
Oh, how I relate to this!

days spent wondering
when the sword of damocles
will fall, and end it...
Heart skipping a beat?
Again I must rally nerves
I will not die yet

One, two, one and one
Did it really skip again?
Demand a recount




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