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The world is currently suffering the wages and collateral damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there have always been and will always be difficult times of many varieties on a global or personal scale. Write about them here. 

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it knows no limits

all of us are vulnerable

stand up strong John Prine

One of my lovers used to sing John Prine songs on stage in the early 70s. Hell, we were all singing John Prine songs--and laughing and crying. His is one of the voices of our generation and frankly, I'm not ready to lose him.

I'm singing your songs loud in my bed, John, as I imagine lots of others are doing across the country tonight. I hope you can hear us and feel our love and support for you and Fiona. Stay strong and get well soon.

he also said      if

grandpa was a carpenter …..

he'd build us a cure

he beat cancer twice

outside forces took him down

rest in peace John Prine

we will all miss you dearly

your music will live on in our hearts

another light quenched
another clear voice silenced...
the night wind grows cold

RIP, John. Your songs had such depth and sensitivity. They made a generation ponder, and weep, and laugh. Shake God's hand for me.

pretty white blossoms

the new year is progressing

we'll unfold later

Mete social distance

Lost 'tween fear and lonesomeness

When things fall apart

Words reach from afar

Others endure, same as I

Alone together

Biding quietly

While doing nothing, Spring comes

Grass grows by itself

Great to hear from you PTB !

apart but together

spring forward our renewal

all will come to be

Beautiful, PTB!  Thank you.

one cherry blossom
trembles on the branch waiting
for the touch of spring

What is in a name?   Pick a name like COVID 19, what may have prompted such a moniker?

name COVID 19

co is together, vid - see

add 19, get 1

(for numerology folks)

So my friends it is being shared that a meaning from all this is :

Together See Oneness

* from M K Welsch

we may sit alone

at some point collectively

together see one

Bleak, at three AM

Tales told in the light of day

Unravel by night




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