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Tags: All Hallow's Eve, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, ghosts, goblins, haiku

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latha na samna
throw the bones on the bonfire
time for taking stock

Loreena McKennitt - All Souls Night (Live) from Nesim Karanal on Vimeo.

build the bonfire high
light the flame which ties us all
one people one heart

All Hollow's Even'
Facing the dark things at night.
All Saint's Day will come.
behind certain eyes
every day is halloween...
souls black as coal tar
give them just one day
blending in with us good souls
then retreat for year

maybe our goodness
can create a changed being
just like osmosis
Yes, Metub4!

so i've always thought...
behind those halloween eyes
souls long for the light
and behind your eyes
lies a comforting blessed soul
shine on my dear friend
two excited girls
braving spooks and fledging wings
daddy keeps them safe

no one looks taller
no one more needed or loved
than daddy tonight

i watch as they go
the man i love and our girls
halloween magic
bank the bright bonfires
honor the old, seek the new
a harvest of love
appearing as mist
i come as a succubus
to you in the dark

embrace me, my love
let this enchanted night wrap
us in its black wings
black wings soar above
halloween now in slumber
waiting for next year




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