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Here's another throwback to TBD Prime...Please use both words, or some version of them, in your haiku.

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Goodby to my job
It has downsized without me
It's an evil wind

A kiss on the wind
carries my goodbys abroad
let the world hear it
Good-byes completed,
The separation begins.
The wind still joins us.
goodbyes will wind down
life goes on as it always does
memories are left
Getting all sappy here...

Never you, my friends!
Never will I say goodbye!
Remember me, okay?

Wind pushes the waves
up against the sands of time.
memories... wash away.

Hold on tight, dear friend,
Hold on to memory sweet!
Time touches us all.
peace to you jaki

we wind witty threads
expressing goodbyes and wind
cathartic results
the wind whispers change
terrible cracks at the poles
goodbye to winter
in saying goodbye
our time together winds down
hope for reunion
breezily goodbye
she skips through my pounding heart
eternal footprints
breath farewell whispers
the convoluted whirlwind
parting leaf from leaf
storm howls in my heart
blows apart this old dry home
leaving dust traces
swirling paper twist
distributing yesterday
parting wind swan song
Thinking of Chez Moi

Where is our goodbye dear friend?

Wind howls with lament




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