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what's it mean to you......

we all have them in our lives

each unique, special

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remember that night

mosquitoes biting bare flesh

friends thicker than blood

I love this. M!

i think of my friend

i wonder what i can write

leaves me bewildered

my true family
five inseparable friends
lost to time and space

friendship as bedrock
our love has built a fortress
life cannot topple

friend is one who dislikes the same people that you dislike ...

thinking of you my friend

no matter how you draw it

it's universal

friend jewel party support glad met reasons hold tongue Good friend

good friend overlooks

your broken gate and admires

flowers in your garden


Friends are always there

To offer a word of love

when I need a friend

thank you Thallygal

it's been said and we all know

never have too many

thally and metub4~

you are two of mine...
precious rays of golden sun
lighting up my heart

smile on Angharad

and if folks look at you weird

two more smile with you




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