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New lights -- that a TAN??

Nope, it's yellow. Yellower.

Doc says cirrhosis.


Hmm. Me? MY liver??

THE Designated Driver!?

Must be empathy! 

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Nope. Not cirrhosis.
"Bad blood" evaporates.
No rhyme, no reason.

My record is perfect:
Stumped yet ANOTHER doctor!
(Specialists HATE that!)

and then there are folks
who would spend hard earned money
to have just that look
easter eggs unfound
days in Coronado sun
stink to high heaven!
Is that a DIG, Ang??
Yellow streaks, yellow bellies --
Don't make me pout! ::smirk::

Nope, Quilty...these were real Easter eggs. And, Sister, no green egg salad from those babies! Yeoooow!!!
song comes to my mind
they call me mellow yellow
be positive girl!

double yellow line
markings meant for a purpose
ever cross that line?
tempted few times too
comes in many forms, you know
ready for tempting?
"Then Next Specialist to Stump"

"Infectious Disease" --
Can't get IN for two weeks.
By then, I'll be WELL!

a liver of love
a master lover of life
let's not be yellow




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