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mother earth awakes
throwing wide her arms to us
her wayward children


That poem is perfect!

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Hey, Bill--long time no see! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment.

I'm hoping you'll write a few more of your wonderful haiku. Metub4 and I are pretty much holding down the fort here and would love to have you back when the urge strikes.

I also hope that all has been well in your world.

A. :>)

April 22

not only for our Earth Day -

my mom's birthday too

i will remember
your much-missed mom on her day
and her loving son

it must bring comfort
that earth day is her birthday...
a fitting tribute

thank you my dear friend

it's nice to honor our earth

as i think of her

celebrate Earth Day

volunteer at local park

make our work pretty

may i now propose

this day honoring our earth

lasts all the year long

may i second that?
we need to care for gaia
as she cares for us

i also question :

how can our country's leader

refute climate change ????

an ignoramus??
a narcissist unconcerned
with reality

ignoramus, yes

an excellent descriptor

ignorance of facts




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