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Waking or sleeping...

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sometimes i dream you
making love to me all night
sometimes we just talk

i sit at your feet
overawed by your brilliance
excited and proud

sometimes we're walking
quiet, smiling, holding hands
content and happy

sometimes we're working
creating a better world
in our own small way

there's joy in your touch
peace and calm in your presence
and infinite love
I open my eyes
to peace and tranquility
think I'll live this dream
she kneels before me
naked, purring, eyes aglow
is this just a dream?
dream a little dream
make it last eternity
to your hearts desire
Ballet shoes of pink
Cotton candy spun tutu
Dreams of Sugar Plums
such a special sight
our young family sweethearts
dream of their success
living a dream life,
all is perfect, needs are met....
only in movies?
my dreams are of you
those fantastic times we had
now only in past

will keep on dreaming
holding on to what was dear
for each one of us

the trick for now is
letting go and moving on
can't live in our dreams

world is wide open
new dreams can now be obtained
limitless options
The guy of my dreams
wore tweed with elbow patches
that was the thing then
A dream carries you
to underground places
not always happy
best to start inside
become happy with yourself
dreams will then follow
i wake from my dream
i reach out into the night
you are never there




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