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This discussion is in sympathy for the victims of hurricane Harvey, the wildfires in Oregon and the west, and all the other acts of violence, "natural" or otherwise, which have happened in the last several years. Of course, your own personal disasters qualify as well...

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aggie and his farm
surviving though embattled...
fingers and toes crossed

rain, rain go away

they've had enough for some day

thoughts, prayers with them

Pru's house is high and dry. She is doing good.

HOORAY!!!! Texas TOUGH!!!!!

brave texans endure
heroes facing disaster
our prayers are with you

hurricane irma
cuts a swath of destruction
stealing lives and dreams

my love surrounds you
as you face the storm's fury...
praying for you all

another bloodbath...
when will enough be enough?!
prayers fly up for all

will it ever end

like a stucked LP, repeat

we need a new song.....

it's been said before

one bad apple stands alone

we're strong and can't spoil

more senseless murders
unborn, children, and seniors
the death toll rises

our prayers surround you
those gone and those left behind...
this madness must end

"it's not about guns"
says our moron president...
try mass murder with rocks




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