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On the train, I had time to observe the countryside, and of course it fell out into 5-7-5...
I hope you'll add yours.

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Snapshots from the train

Fields of wheat like fur
On the body of the land
Tawny lion’s pelt

Harvesters pass through
Very brave, to shear the beast
Leaving stubbled skin

Tiny hamlets sleep
Fleas upon the lion’s back
Just tolerated

Communal silos
Great cathedral of the grain
Echoes spires of Chartres
rolling fields of corn
flanked by rows of stubby beans
now shared with windmills
Thank you for this wonderful topic, Chez! It inspires traditional haiku...

sultry southern breeze
scent of gardenia and rose
memories calling
salt air and balsam
whisper of waves on pebbles
driftwood silver sky
home of the ages
villages nestled safely
in mountains' embrace
fireflies flicker on
humid summer evening
rain brews to the west
palmetto and sage
ruddy skin and taut muscles
a boy and a lake
a young fisherman
steadfast on catching his dream
now to tackle it
like a sea lion
he glides through the cool water
magnificent youth
avoiding the catch
practiced spins, darts, turns become
tools of survival
Around the corner, see?
So close to the shopping mall!
Boyfriend's barn still stands.

Another one:

Remember the cows?
They were so pastoral, true!
All paved over now.




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