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This popped into my mind as I wandered Ning. I thought, "geez, we're a great group of people...we've lived through it together." I love you guys.

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drugs in the 60s
vietnam, riots, and kent
i see me in you
the times marked us all
having experienced it
brings us together
An ancient land
Oceans away, and yet I
Still, see me in you
death and beauty mixed
indelible images
haunt you forever
Drawing from our lines
confined within measured way
friendships have blossomed
On the light side:

fros, flares, and hot pants
disco all night in dark clubs
did i see you there?
skipped the disco scene
chased the girls then but not there
it may have been nice
Oh, it was! I danced in gay clubs in NYC and DC, mostly, where the music was UNBELIEVABLE and there wasn't that Saturday Night Fever vibe. No polyester...no posing. Just dancing 'till you dropped. Wish I were back there!

swirling lights and pounding beat
rocking all night long
it can still happen
go trip back into that mood
create your own time
I do. Music all around me, all the time, lifting me up, and yet...
and yet....., incomplete
sometimes across the valley
pastures are greener
knowing all the same
cultural references...
what a great relief




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