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Whether you have them or don't; love them or loathe them...they're everywhere. The world of the future...always becoming, as someone wise once said. Any thoughts?

My Great Nephew Ethan

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startling blue eyes
laughter bright as wind blown bells
unexpected joy
dark like their father
dramatic and beautiful
daughters blossoming
our hope, 5 children...
our bodies honor our love
this life, and the next
a breeze blows softly
gently lifting his damp hair
his struggle over
precious baby girl
red hair, cornflower blue eyes
visage of Grandpère
not right now...... later
please don't..... do that........ to the......... CAT!!!!!!!
his hug released me
Ha! Talk about a familiar scenario!
just a little sprout
part of those two bigger trees
joy of watching growth

they are our futures
packed into small packages
help me to rock on

(rocking chair that is)
they are each unique
DNA or not, so what?
all children are loved
grammys' special too
get to spoil the grandchildren
and then send them home
First kids, now adults,
Each as unique as before,
Echoing what was.
not only what was
but what blood line has in store
history repeats




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