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When the bold branches

Bid farewell to rainbow leaves-

Welcome wool sweaters

B Cybrill



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T shirt all sweaty

drenched from active exercise

it's cooling down folks

a cool breeze chills me

i wait for your warm embrace

but it never comes...


most of all darling

when autumn leaves start to fall ......

heaven's reunion

The dance of the leaves
Red and gold are intertwined
Gentle, graceful fall
Sounds of rustling leaves
Remind me of autumns past
Running wildly home

Each hop, skip and jump
Scattering the bold colors
A most joyful dance

piles of leaves gathered

fall playground for jumping boys

north wind scatters dreams

Sunshine with cool breeze

Cottage roses and red-gold

Long walks and fresh air.

warm colors carpet

winding paths we used to walk...

warmer memories

your hands are autumn

your lips are warm as summer

your love, ever spring


fall comes later now
global warming sees to that...
thanks greenhouse gases




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