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I know I have a few to make... And, everyone is owed a few....

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sorry for being...
only works if accepted
if yes - great, not - tried
i apologize
for not loving you better
and loving you less
All apoligies.
Has no meaning to me now.
Retreat from my world.
I am so sorry.
The tomato called my name.
Had to rob the vine!
My trust was betrayed.
Say you’re sorry, and mean it.
I didn’t think so.

wouldn't make it unhappen...
let's just stumble on

douse the sun with gin
cover the moon with cheese cloth
snuff out the starlight

yank up the flowers
stamp the tomato vines flat
drain the oceans dry

stampede the horses
play the pied piper of cats
bid the birds fly south

hush laughing children
turn all the radios off
mute the trees' whisper

be silent as stone
glower at me angrily
slam the door on me

take it all from me
whatever you need to take
but never your love

never your presence
never our souls' connection
i apologize

for one so endured

no apologies needed

souls' connections last

Sorry, M. I often write very personal haiku which are easily misinterpreted. Just to clarify, I'm saying to the person in question, punish me for whatever transgressions I've made in all the ways which will hurt me most, except by taking away your love. I can and, willingly, will take anything but that.

In actuality, taking away love and connection effectively does all the rest of it. For me, ain't no sunshine when he's gone.

Don't worry about me, my friend. I write haiku that often can't be pinned down to any particular reality or time. 

Of course, hahaha, I may have misinterpreted your haiku!

empathy for A

my wanderings sometime stray

from reality

i am an artist...
i cannot live caged within
your reality

lives of lone artists

so often misunderstood

shine bright in sunlight




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