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Sorry, I'm not here.
I could be screening calls too.
Leave a message though.

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dave? dave's not here, man!
gone are the days up in smoke
now blackberries ring
up in smoke, yes man
cheech and chong were popular
a sign of the times
do blackberries ring
when they're ready for picking
not that way of old
I had hoped to talk
Like magic,perfect timing
He leaves a message
a flashing green 3
messages to be taken
or dumped in junk mail
OK, here goes. About 8 years ago I had a colleaugue who had a really great "warped" sense of humor. He passed away unexpectedly. Apparently he had an arrangement with a friend to put an new tape in his answering machine upon his demise. It said.
"Hello, this is Bruce. I'm dead now so dont bother calling this number any more!"
I really miss that guy. He kept us all in stitches when he was alive. He gave us one last "tweak" after he left us.
This is funny, John, and with two words deleted it's a haiku...

Hello, this is Bruce
I'm dead now so don't bother
Calling any more...

*sorry, I just can't help myself* ,-)
If the phone won't ring
It's me, out in the storm's eye
Holding back the tears.

[With apologies to Jimmy Buffett.]
Ohhhhhh, how I relate, JG!
You have reached my voice
activated blackmail
system, leave message
i know what you did
leave a message, pay the piper...
take it out in trade??
electronic girl
calls out from the box within
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