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How Long Has It Been
Since Your Tongue Has Danced On My Skin?
The Aching Has Left
keeping their distance
lovers count the stars at night
yearning for union
love, longing, and lust
powerful triumvirate
willpower deployed...
Park that somewhere else???
This will help me to get by
With a hearty laugh
park it somewhere else?
can I park in your garage?
looks so inviting

(oops abstinence, right?)
Yeah, Chez...versus "pull up to my bumper, Baby!"

I cannot abstain
I'll award the 'best tag' prize
To our Angharad
Yoiks....does a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG Toulouse saucisse come with that???? Or a baguette???? (You can see where my mind is....)

It isn't that bad
Abstinence is doable
no fat no salt no....
anything that tips the scales
or gives life flavor
bind your passions tight
hold them close beneath the wraps
press down the heart light
she controlled herself
always she controlled herself
when would the lid blow?
nothing says Hands Off
like a navel-baring top -
abstinence, my foot
no warm tender lips
no wet flicking tongue gone mad
shall move me at all
love undiminished
aching for sacred union
honoring your space




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