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I thought 'fish' would be a good prompt for spring, as ponds and rivers warm.


I recently discovered the eerily beautiful 'Ghost Koi' which has markings that make it resemble a human face. 



In the quiet pond

reflected human faces: 

ghost koi wear our masks


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get yourself a line
I'll go get us a long pole
meet at fishing hole
I topeka'd fish ku and found this:

Merci beaucoup, Scott,
for the Fay Ku fishku.
I am in your debt.
I second...well, third...that, Chez!
it's a sucker when :
it won't release your big toe
from its puckering
she looks up from her
slippery sea bed of carp,
frowning frustration

(Right KB, and welcome back again CM)
frustrated, may be
it is hard not to be when
have school in your nest
like stars in the night
bioluminescent fish
light the black abyss
simple fishing rule
established in beginning
be smarter than fish
Man am I hungry
Moms made a salad
Dads cookin his catch .......
fresh fileted crappie
hot pan is greased and ready
tasty morsels soon




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