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Within yourself or between any combatants...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgWFxFg7-GU&NR=1&feature=fvwp COOL song

http://www.playingforchange.org/ Check out this organization

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do you remember our chants?
peace and love then ruled

we now have matured
find reason unlike before
seems to hit us more

someone please tell me
why we can't just get along
we all are brethern
i have no answer
too far from tribal group size?
economic woes?

is it religion?
or cultural differences?

i fear it's not the
usual suspects; instead,
our need for conflict
a need for conflict?
some say that's why we marry
others just argue

power and control
warp many prompting chaos
let's give peace a chance
you know i agree...
love ties me to the essence
of every being
at war with myself
torn between my hopes and dreams
and reality

there is no question
what i will do...i will wait
for you forever

but i fear that i
will become dispensable
as the long years pass

just a smiling face
a kiss, a voice in your ear
floating in darkness
self introspection
an internal battleground
fighting discontent




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