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The moments we live for...swirling, golden feelings that lift one up. Share some in 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively...

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your easy laughter
unexpected diamonds
sparkling in my heart
A hummming bird comes
Each morning to seek the flowrs
The nectar is sweet
memories can bring
great joy or can take us down
just keep smililn Doc
I am patriot
when having a strong concern
for best in country

my thoughts and your thoughts
may not be in sync, align
freedom to differ

hold it against me
you're free to choose such a stance
just don't chastise me
This is a reply to Yoodle...for some reason, the "reply" app isn't working correctly.

tiny wings flutter
smelling of honeysuckle
brilliant gem of birds
what are you dreaming?
of sequoias and oceans?
of holding my hand?

of two little girls?
of the future, the past, now?
where are you walking?
gentle, loving look
watching his mommy closely
filled with gratitude
working beside you
happy to be your sous chef
slicing tomatoes
Moments of silence,
Then I hear your voice nearby
and joy enrobes me!
sweet relief from angst
lovely, carefree syllables
inscribed on my heart
The height of Summer.
Bright red tomato-gushing!
White bread and mayo.
behind my blue eyes
joyous images of you...
some dreams do come true




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