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Poetic license or real thing? Whatever it means to you....

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abundant blessings
a fallow field, never sown...
self-indulgent sin
wanting you so much
lips parting, eyes dilating
a rush of desire
indolence abounds
acedia settles in
spent luxuria
Sinful laziness
Of the hands and of the heart
But wait; what is sin?
he who is without
shall cast the first stone. Forgive
instead of condemn...
Am I without sin
If accountability
Guides all my actions

It all depends on
My responsibility
Not others' judgment
So cast the first stone,
Or perhaps, just maybe no -
Shared humanity...
flawed humanity
always yearning toward wholeness
aching love and hope

open arms and acceptance
shared humanity
Seven sins, they say
Those who believe in such things
Take the time to count
capital vices
lust, gula, greed, sloth, wrath, pride,
envy...sins r us

but as you say, chez,
is it sin or our nature?
perspective is all




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