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Any ode to the magical elixir, white or red - 5/7/5

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Deep burgundy hue
Acidic sweet sensation
Warm sensual taste
roll it in your mouth
breathe in, savor the bouquet
like a lover's kiss
boone's farm apple wine
ripple, cold duck...good and cheap
70s bender
Happy allnighters
Annie Green Springs, cold coffee
No sleep before class
Oh, say it again
It's such a delicious wine
Virginia Dare
Oh! This whole snapshot in time thang makes me so happy!

something less legal
among my compatriots
no sleep...and munchies!

Sorry, Bruton...I'm waaaaay off topic.
you stray off towards
familiar territory
something in the air
and please don't forget
ole Maddog 20-20
sends you for cheap loop
Wine On Your Rooftop
Stars Fell Down Like Lit Matches
We Made Drunk Wishes
I love this!
starlight & star bright
but I did see more of them
when fell and hit head
Be serious now
Sniff and swirl and breathe and spit
Tell us what you taste

Pepper, vanilla
Fruit and flint and wet dog's hair
Buttered toast and oak




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