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A Hot Jersey Night
Lying Heavy On My Skin,
Heat Is My Blanket

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Sweat Tickles My Skin
Competing With Your Wet Tongue
For My Attention
drips roll off the tips
of your nipples, salty taste
lips and tongue waiting...
fragrant gardenias
perfume the close georgia night...
your scent perfumes me
snow falls on maples
my body and yours ignite...
early mud season
Winter craves the glow,
The ache for circulation,
Heat Wave?-not so much.
winter craves the glow
the bonfire of ignition ~
nuclear winter

© ZenDog
wrapped in the hammock
our love generating heat
and too much motion
like rubbing two sticks
friction generates a fire
burning down below
Tiny ants appear
Entry through a door crack; polite!
Summer's final guests

Abrupt slammed door!
Voices rise louder than love
Their love, they drive silent

Shape disclosed by damp dress
Moist dew forms between my breasts
Your cool smile warms me
sticks rubbed together
friction, heat generate sparks
with hammock ablaze
Cold chill in the air
Crackling fire warms the night
Autumn bonfire
wrapped in each other
we watch the snow cover all
our inner fires burn




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