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Meat and Potatoes:

I love some meats in moderation but I feel the vegetables with meat gives it the special flavor it needs.  Stew is one of my favorite dishes to make because I love the mix of so many vegetables with a little meat.   What is your favorite meat and vegetable dish? 


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Comment by Angharad on January 17, 2018 at 11:35am

One of my favorite "meat" and vegetables dishes is actually fish and vegetables. It's a casserole which is perfect for winter.

I have no recipe, really, and it's made with finnan haddie (smoked haddock) which is a Scottish food that is hard to find in the U.S.  Basically, you butter a deep covered casserole dish then layer in thin slices of potato, thin slices of onion, slices of fresh vine-ripened tomato or canned garden-fresh tomato (heirloom tomatoes are particularly good), fresh spinach leaves, and pieces of the smoked haddock, seasoning each layer. Over this you pour a bechamel. Bake covered in a moderate oven until it's cooked through (probably 35-40 minutes). 

The finished dish is delicious--the freshness of the tomato, creaminess of the potato, the "greenness" of the spinach, and the richness of the sauce which is all permeated by a soft smoked flavor from the finnan haddie. It has no fishy taste at all. It is hearty and really sticks to the ribs. It could probably be done with another smoked white fish, but I've never tried it.



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