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Here's a place to list exciting new (or heirloom)varieties of vegetables and flowers you've come across. (Or great gardening supply companies you've dealt with.)

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Here's a VERY cool new variety of low-glycemic index potato, which makes it perfect for diabetics or low-carb devotees!


Huckleberry Gold: The First Low Glycemic Potato!

This is great news.  My husband is Diabetic and misses potatoes.  

PAWPAWS--who knew???  Hahaha. Nutritious, indigenous fruit trees that have lost favor and faded into obscurity. Here's where you can get seeds...  https://www.rareseeds.com/pawpaw-premium-giant-mix/

Pawpaw, Premium Giant Mix

My son is a vegan and he is buying a home with lots of land.  I will tell him about this one as I am sure he would like it.  Thanks.

Thank you, but clicking on the picture just takes me to the larger picture.  Searching Cole's takes me to seeds for birds.  Would you please place a link here so I can check out the heritage seeds?  I am very interested.  Oh I may have found it after all.  I didn't see your replys at first and now I do and they both have links in them. 




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