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What's your favorite style of

home decor?

  • Contemporary ,Cottage ,Country ,Eclectic, English Country
  • Mediterranean,Mid-Century Modern ,Modern,  Old World
  • Romantic, Southwestern, Traditional, Transitional, Tropical
  • Tuscan... Or ?


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I love your picture, and also those lovely pictures of decorating that you see in magazines.  I guess my "home decor" would be described as "traditional", although I do have quite a few pieces of antique furniture, which I dearly love.  I have several pieces of "depression glass" which I have in an old cupboard which has been beautifully handpainted on the outside.

I can't seem to keep my home with everything completely in place, as your picture shows, as I have grandchildren that come often, and I want to allow them to have fun reading, doing puzzles, etc. when they are here.


MIne is post-modern cluttered.  My home is full of stuff that is irreconcilably unblendable. Yeah, I guess they call it modern eclectic I've got masks from all over the world and statues from Thailand, Day of the dead stuff from Mexico, Bark paintings, and aborignal stuff as well as abstractly knitted afghans) is all over the place. And of course then there are the wind-up toys and Lord of the Ring action figures.  (And the cat hair).

I'm drawn to the elegant and minimal types of interiors (because I don't have them). Japanese style and danish modern.

Well our sıttıngroom is decorated wıth cream leather couches and reclıner arm chaırs wıth brown & cream cushıons that match the roman blinds.   The furniture we chose ıs dark brown wood.   The whole house has the same floor tıles whıch are oblong and cream.    We have some unusual Turkısh lıghts that gıve subdude lighting and some nıce handpainted wall plates hanging on the walls.   We have quıte a few Turkish candles on unusual candle stands around too.   Yes I would say it's nıce & cosy at nıght but if we need more lıghting, we have halogen lıghts set into the coving.

Luckily enough we both lıke the classic look.

Mexican coastal as we live near the beach. Saltillo tiled floors, day of the dead tiles on the walls, bright colored walls, bright colored paintings, wrought iron chandelier and ceramic fish. Easy to clean because we have a dozen grand kids and minimal clutter. When we moved I gave away or donated lots of the things we had in our old house. I have clay studio separate from our house where the kids can play with clay or paint or even do tie dye. I keep a box of toys and a shelf of books and tapes in the guest room.

I love a big farm house with a veranda all the way around, but in your list above its English County all the way.

I actually stayed at this B&B in England.  It was soooooo beautiful inside and out with acres and acres of gardens and park surrounding it...right out of a movie... Beryl Manor.

What a nice question!
I'm a interior decorator (and certified home staging professional and stylist) who earned my spurs at the feet of my late mother who was a residential & commercial Interior Designer (ARIDO, I.D.C.).  I personal style is a mixed bag of "global" eclectic, where by more is more - albeit I am editing as I age, trying to whittle stuff sown to only the best and the most beloved of stuff! My girlfriend's 8 year old daughter once said "Diana's house looks like the store "Ten Thousand Villages" ! LoL. The thing is - the stuff came from a whole lot of those world wide villages!  Masks and books and more books and art and a few pieces of furniture I had shipped back from Bali.

However, when I work on a home for someone else, I love whatever they are into;  if I could really nail it for myself I'd have a mix of Arts and Craft, a touch of Victorian, British Colonial , and my global lugged back home things - with just a hint of modern and my usual hints and hits of the colour orange, which I adore.  A work in progress. A very mixed bag. Like my poor brain!




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