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For summer, for travelling, for evening, for going to the market. . .what is new or a good ol' standby that you swear by? Let's share!

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Okay, that was me, so I'll buy them from you if you don't like!

Yes, you are right about L'Oreal and Lancome. The products are the same or similar, different packaging. I like L'Oreal mineral blush and I just started using the Age Perfect moisturizer -- has an enzyme treatment that seems to work well on my face.
L'Oreal has come out with cream eyeliner that works pretty well too.

With these liners you need a good brush, and it should be wiped off after each use or the brush will cake up and dry.
Let me know too! I just can't see spending 21$ for eyeliner!!! I think I've got Revlon (Or maybe covergirl) and it has lasted for years and I wear it everyday and it doesn't seem to flake (Unless I scratch my eyelids because of an itch!) I'm not really too much into make-up though - I wear eyeliner everyday and that's about it!
It's be suggested several times, I'm going to try it too, I'm desperate. Everything else I've tried melts off!
Indian Eye Khols, comes in a small tub and it has a bit of Camphor in it that feels great but also helps to whiten the eyes
Indian markets, many have those great bangles/bracelets too.
I'm one of those who swears by Bobbi Brown eyeliner. I often put a soft coat of shadow over it (to soften the line, not to set it), but I've had it last 24 hours under battle conditions: travel, meet, shoot, party...and I still have eyes the next afternoon when I get up, provided I don't remove it.

And Maybelline makes the perfect little liner brush--for about $3.
That's funny -- that's exactly what I do, apply a little shadow over the gel to soften the look.

I think some other companies are catching up: l"Oreal makes a good cream liner for half the cost.
OH! I have the BEST news!!!! Remember when waaay back I asked for the best eyeliner - because of my heavy lids blah blah!!?! WELL!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited. I went to the Bobbie Brown counter today, thanks to so many kudos for the product ('Long Wear Gel Liner). Had a session based on the recommendation.

The Bobbi Brown eyeliner - (new colour out - "Forest Shimmer Ink") was applied at noon. It's now midnight, and I've been to a party. Not one single smudge. Not one single flake. Upper OR lower lids. AND the colours ROCK! (I'll be getting the brown/aubergine colour for fall)

This is HUGE for me. Everything would just melt off or flake off . Thank you thank you thank you everyone!!!!

That's Bobbie Brown - by a mile!
(I think I shall send her an email ;-D !)
Awesome, Dazz. A girlfriend turned me on to the product as I've always used eyeliner and it would always smudge.

Glad you are rocking the Bobbi Brown!


Bath bombs by LUSH ROCK! There is a store dedicated to all of their products in Toronto. I love LUSH bombs! Where are they avs. in the USA?
I use Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals and have not touched a liquid foundation since I started using it. I especially like the eye liners. As for mascara: Rimmel




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