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Mine is watching reruns of Sex In The City while drinking a glass of red wine and eating chocolate.  Go sexy middle aged gals!

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Welcome to the group Devin!
Great post.

Hummmmmmm. So I have to admit to something publicly ?! Well I am certainly with you on the Sex & the City gals, makes me yearn for a trip to N.Y.C. just for starters.

I am a "tumblr"  (marginal ) addict. I have a visual blog there of art, favourite sayings, and other things that catch my eye. I have about 528 followers and I'm following more than 2,500 blogs. It's a sort of scrapbook, and every one has a different theme and take on what they post and re-blog. The pleasure comes from scrolling through all the visual and music and text posts that drop into my "feed" and zoning out just enjoying the show and saving and re-blogging what appeals to my eye or ear. When deeply stressed - it soothes my mind.  Plus I have about four or five "chums" with whom I communicate privately who like my posts as much as I like their posts. 

Wow, guilty pleasures? Not sure but by far Starbucks beverages (without coffee), chocolate in any form except with those nasty crispy things in it. Yes, of course add being cuddled by a man. Still waiting for that to happen though.

Other than that, I have no other guilty pleasures to speak about :)

I would like to travel and take photographs of so many places I had planned to go.

Unfortunately, I can't leave my husband for very long - I have to have my sons (who live nearby check on him when I go to my daughter's place, which is 3 hours away.  She is having a baby in Jan., so I sure hope I get to spend time with the family and new baby.

I sometimes feel "guilty" when I dream about all the wonderful places I had planned on traveling too.  After all, I did teach school for 34 1/2 years besides raising 3 children and going to all their events at school.

Unfortunately my husband always smoked and is not suffering the results of it with his COPD.


I agree that Starbuck's is a guilty pleasure but I like the coffee drinks. Chocolate of course and watching Revenge.I love that show.




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