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A discussion in another group got me thinking.....how many of us were tomboys growing up and how many of us were princesses or girly girls?

While I admit to occasionally playing dress up, my interests as a little girl really involved fishing with my dad, ice skating with my brothers, hunting for bugs with my best gal pal, Judy (she would let spiders crawl on her arms, so brave was she), climbing my grandmother's cherry tree to eat cherries and hunt for bird nests, riding horses at my grandparents' farm, and exploring the field next to the train tracks, where we weren't supposed to be.  Judy and I even dug up a neighbor's dead dog a day after he buried it (we were curious what it would look like).  I don't ever remember having a tea party.

I do remember however, having a favorite red dress that flared out when I twirled and being jealous that my cousin Laura's blow up petticoat was better than mine.

What say you ladies?  Tomboy or princess?

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What wonderful answers. I love learning more about each one of you and the very diverse backgrounds we all come from.

Anyone else hula hoop? Judy and I probably had hoop time every day. lol!
Wow, cheri.....what a fantastic idea! Wonder if I still could?
YES! (In specific response to LynneAnne).

I've proved myself in spades in a man's world. Now I own my womanhood ~ and the men in my court, love it!

(By the way Belle, this is a killer discussion post. Thank you!)
I was a tomboy then, and I still am!

Growing up, there were about 7 or 8 kids within a couple of years of each other. We hung out as a pack. Because there were only 2 of us who were girls, we were outvoted and played what the boys wanted to play!

I think it made me freer to get down on the floor or the grass and play with my own kids. My philosophy was (and still is) that if kids aren't filthy dirty at the end of the day, they couldn't have had much fun!
Both, with three boys and a girly yet tough mom, I can hung with the best of them and still look great in a dress, LOL.
I think most women today love being feminine but still play with power tools.

@Maricel - I'm also witchy sister from a very young age.

I never thought about it.  Just did what I wanted.

Tomboy  until the age of 18 when I put into an arranged marriage

OMG and I was a virgin...he being 43 and myself 18 that was something

but we survived for 21 years and 3 lovely daughters then he died

I was and actually am ( age 70 )  a tomboy and a princess

most men I meet are amazed at the things I do

Always a tom boy. Have only brothers, only sons, and have always worked in the mens world. When I was a kid I was the only girl in the neighborhood and I had the only bicycle tire pump for miles.

Having the only bicycle tire pump for miles with a lot of boys works every time...lol

looks like you and I are the only ones here...

this group needs new blood

let's see if we can get more ladies here

I did the same thing Hedy until I turned 18 and was put into an arranged marriage

lordy do they still do that?

I think princess for me, cut outs when I was 8, putting those pretty dresses on Betty Grabel and I do remember wearing nail polish at 11, my dad made me take it off. I think I was always a girly girl. I dressed up the puppies in doll clothes and put them in a buggy to parade around the neighborhood.


I'm still a tomboy but have girlie girlie undies under my  jeans 




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