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A discussion in another group got me thinking.....how many of us were tomboys growing up and how many of us were princesses or girly girls?

While I admit to occasionally playing dress up, my interests as a little girl really involved fishing with my dad, ice skating with my brothers, hunting for bugs with my best gal pal, Judy (she would let spiders crawl on her arms, so brave was she), climbing my grandmother's cherry tree to eat cherries and hunt for bird nests, riding horses at my grandparents' farm, and exploring the field next to the train tracks, where we weren't supposed to be.  Judy and I even dug up a neighbor's dead dog a day after he buried it (we were curious what it would look like).  I don't ever remember having a tea party.

I do remember however, having a favorite red dress that flared out when I twirled and being jealous that my cousin Laura's blow up petticoat was better than mine.

What say you ladies?  Tomboy or princess?

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I've always been a little of both. Still am. I still love to dress up, but love to fish. I love Teas with friends but drive a truck to earn my keep.
I see no reason why you can't be both and have fun doing it!
Nice to see you here Cynthia, happy you have posted!
I was a tomboy, all the way, trucks, dirt, frogs...all of it.
Now I love to to dress up and feel pretty, but as soon as I'm home I'm getting into something....LOL
How fun to see the different responses! Omg 1GL....we used to make mud pies out of wet dirt! Many times in our dresses.....even when we were trying to be girls the tomboys still came out.
Thanks B A F! I never considered other categories! Thank you for broadening the topic...xo.
LOL!! Very funny about the mud bath! xo
I was neither a tomboy, nor princess. I was more witchy LOL....a wise little girl who had an abnormal fascination with things supernatural and acquiring knowledge. But, hey I was also obsessed with skateboarding and reading.

at age 4

What a cutie!!
Thx Belle...I wish more ladies here would post their baby photos. Actually it would be cool if someone posted a discussion thread here or else where just on Goo Goo GaGa photos. LOL
So cute! And precocious looking.....what a surprise eh? LOL! Adorable K!!
I was an only child and my father made it clear to me that he had wanted a son. So I worked hard to try and win his respect. He taught me to hunt and fish and skin rabbits and care for firearms and shoot straight and navigate and - well boy things. I could climb trees and fight and hold my own very well. The only dolls I ever played with were Barbie & Ken dolls and only because other girls did and I wanted to fit in. My mother was very elegant, very Viennese and so I also was girlie girl, pretty cloths, can drop a perfect curtsy, know how to carry a pair of gloves and put on and take off a pair of gloves, know how to conduct and comport my self with a modicum of grace. It surprises men when they discover all the guy things I can do - and that I carry electrical tape and a fully equipped Swiss army knife in my purse - at all times, along with a small Leatherman attached to my keychain. I grew up with big dogs and horses from the day I was born, so I'm comfortable with animals too. Not very "sport" minded, I skied and rode, later learned to fly and scuba dive, but never did the tennis thing.

I'd now rather stay in a posh hotel than hike for days in the woods or jungle, but I've done it - and if it were with the right man, would do it again. I just am older now, and appreciate creature comforts, a lot!!! Only at the end of his life did my dad finally tell me how proud he was of me. Better late than never, and I'm strong and capable because of him, and for this - I'm grateful.

Very cool. I'm not surprised at this peek into your childhood. Strong father figures are important in a girl's life, and it sounds like he gave you a strength spirit which you emanate.




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