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We have tragedies in our lives. We lose people, body parts, pets, things, our youth, our idéologies, our naiveté, our skin tone, and sometimes - bits of ourselves, that we must hunt for and retrieve /;->

Here is a place each of us can come to to grieve. It does not matter what you grieve, it is just good that you do so. We will support you here, and also in "Crying". Wherever you feel most comfortable. Weep away. Express your angst. Whatever it is, we are here for you. Listening with care, compassion and with recognition and empathy.

This is also a "room" for remembrance. And tributes. Post pictures, videos, poems, whatever you like, that helps you mourn and celebrate your loss. "Celebrate" you say ? Yes! Within every loss lies a celebration of further knowledge and understanding of the human condition. It is through suffering that we learn compassion, empathy, and the knowledge that will bring us eventually closer to the ideal of "as above - so below " until there is no longer an "in between". We will eventually achieve another plateau. Another dimension of "being'.

If we don't comment - it's not because we don't care. Sometimes, companionable silence is the best partner within the circle of shared experience. When we do comment, know it is with our heart's song in accord. This is a non denominational safe "room'. All women of faith are welcomed here, regardless of your persuasion. We all believe in something, even if it's nothing. Please feel free to express yourself.

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"The undertow of my personal lagoon".

Exquisite dogdreams m'dear. Yes. We can all resonate.

Oh but he is a cutie! Jascha ! Oy! What a perfect name!!! Now I have to read up on this breed - he looks so intelligent! (Did I mention I'm a dog person? Somewhere? Maybe? Yes? ;) Although as we all know - I learnt me-self good cat. Miss cat.

How old is Jascha? If all is well, small dogs are usually blessed with long lives! Make sure he never gets salt from the sidewalks on his paws or underbelly, even his bottom needs a very good clean after coming in if he has been exposed. The chemicals in the salt are deadly.

Love the fact that there is a new man, and you had a winter get away, and work is good! We like to hear good news too ( ya know - I'll think I'll start a "good news" room too) !
((((Hugs)))) *still giggling over the "Heifetz---as in "uh! oh! He will play you like a violin..." )!!!*
I'm in a weepy mood these days. I'm losing something I can't do a thing about and it's very upsetting. Also I weep at the drop of a hat. Hormones? Probably. I'm in perpetual periodical mode. Not crabby thankfully, just weepy pea. Sniff. From someone who hardly ever cried to someone who's eyes tear up because my Camellia bush is in bloom, or I've come across an old photograph. It's as though the tap is always on. Ruddy daft and extremely annoying. I think I should be put down. Is it time yet?
*chuckle* Thanks B A F. I suspect I'm in need of some progesterone - is this the cream of which you speak?
I joined ancestry.com to try to find out about my mother's ancestors, especially her father's family.

Idle curiosity (and access to all thoe records!) has led me to research several people I've lost track of. His birthday was yesterday, so I got to wondering about my first husband. We haven't seen each other or been in touch for thirty years.

I found him. He died ten years ago. Born on the Ides of March, 1937, died on Columbus Day, 1999. I wish I knew more. All I found was the registry of his death certificate, not an actual copy. Yet.

I've always wondered what became of him. How he was doing. Never enough to try to contact him, of course. I didn't want to bring him back into my life, just to satify my curiousity. Now knowing so little has raised more questions than answers.

Should I grieve? I don't feel like grieving. A little sad, maybe -- he was only 62. Was he ill? Was it an accident? Did he have anyone there with him? I hope so. Nobody should die alone.

But I wonder still... What DID become of him?
Oh Bee. I remember my mother crying in the days before her death, bemoaning the fact that she didn't bring me in out of the sun when little soon enough, and my back burned badly. I was very fortunate though, she was smart and a sweetheart, so once it happened, it never happened again. I had to cuddle her and sooth her over the telling of everything she thought she had done wrong. Funny how much that she thought she had got wrong was and remains what she got very right!

You are so correct about the constant necessity of sunscreen every day, even when it's overcast. I rather suspect that 90% of the women here have suffered damage, because we really didn't know how bad it would be until they started nagging at us about it all in the mid-to late eighties. It's only been within the last two decades that we all have really caught on that the sun rapidly ages our skin, and even so, it's shocking there are still tanning beds in such popular use!

Do please share with us in the face cream thread which creams work and which do less ! Also, thankfully, there are more and more techniques that are being used to help us with the deep lines and skin damage.

I too mourn the loss of my resilient and firm skin texture, it's sun damage and age. Coming to terms with aging is often about quietly morning the loss of that which once was. No matter how hard I exercise, I'm just not as strong as I once was, and this bothers me a good deal, along with the knowledge that I'm shrinking a bit. As though I can afford to loose any inches!

Chin up Bee . . . get those spots checked, and know that the continued angst of our generation will lead to better efforts at zapping and plumping those wrinkles! Also - what you see in the mirror is not what others see as you - take heart in this!
I'm sooo blue, DogDreams3 has left TBD, and with her exit, all her posts are gone, and her discussions. I especially loved her posts here with us. I'm so sad - and I have no way to reach her. It bothers me when a valued member leaves us with no goodbye.

If anyone is in touch with her, please PM me and I'll pass on my gmail . Thanks. And DD3 - if you happen to read this - know that we miss you dearly. Please come back!




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