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I hate them. They don't fit. The straps fall off my shoulders. The right girl falls out from underneath. I measure a 38C. No, a 36C. No, a 38B.

I am going to resort to masking tape. Fashion my own bras daily.

What about you?

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Oh my goodness! Falling about this is so good and sooooooooooo funny !!! Thank you SeaRain! A GREAT topic At 38 something or other, might I suggest duck tape over masking tape? ;-D Actually, my more endowed GFs seem to love Olga bras, it was my late mum's fav. brand and she was sort of about kinda like your size - ish.

This would be a good place to help our sisters who have had or who may be facing a mastectomy too, as the first thing one needs is a good resource to deal with breast loss and looking good and feeling better.

Sigh. How do we all cope with finding a wonderful bra that makes us happy and fits like a dream?!? I just googled "how to have your breasts measured" and this (plus videos on how to be measured for a bra) came up ! I could have done without the nipple hair shot though - oh my ! Lot's of stuff out there, but let's talk about our favourite bras (name brands please) and see what we can do to help SeaRain's right hand girlie girl there stay in her place! Funny bra stories welcome here too! Anything bar, breasts and baring !!!
I go to Victoria's Secret. They do a pretty good job.
Yeah, VS does a really good job. They can take a look at you and then give you a bunch to try on in your size, then you choose the ones that work for you. I have pretty much all VS.
I finall took the advice I've always heard and had a bra fitting at the local bra shop and guess what?? I was wearing the wrong size!!! It has made bra shopping a lot less agonizing! I am having a hard time, though, finding a fuller figure bra with cotton. I much prefer cotton for the summer! Any recommendations?
Try the bras that are in boxes. Some of the medium better stores sell them that way. Bali/Hanes outlet sells boxed bras.
Hate them, wish I could go without wearing one but that isn't going to happen. I'm a 36D & I can buy bras anywhere but what I can't stand is how they feel by the end of the day. Underwires are so uncomfortable but I need them. I've bought bras by myself, had them fitted & it doesn't make a skerrick of difference - they are still the worst after a full day. I have permanent wire lines underneath my breasts now.

I also hate the latest fad of these slightly padded bras - I do not want to feel/look any fuller than I am now - I want thin barely lined bras & they are harder to find.
I've been fighting with this problem all my life. My boobs are rather big (yes, it's heaven, DD), my shoulders are sloping. The straps fall off all the time. I do know the trick how to fix it. But I am so lazy!
It does fix it.
You are welcome, Bonnie. Now I have to 'outsource' my bras, lol. I know how to do it, but always have excuses not to.
My daughter bought me one. It is great. Takes the pressure off the shoulders too. Just a little hard to get into if you are on your own. Having someone there to fasten it would be easier.
They try to draw me into that when I walk into the store, but the furthest I'll go is pink, because you can still wear it under white. Otherwise, it's black, white, or beige for me, with varying degrees of satin and/or lace.... No purple, orange, neon green. Thanks, but no!

Oh, this is a good question. I am so envious of you who can wear all those pretty matching sets. But I have two issues with them. One is that, over here at least, they rarely are available in a 40 D. The other is that I do not have a bikini figure, but that is for another thread... 'In defense of granny panties'?

I'm just a normal size 10-12 person, but I can find only one bra that is (fairly) comfortable and does not make me look like Madame Michelin. It's called the 'Minimizer', smooth cup with underwires, built-up strap that does not slip.
Thank goodness Olga keeps making variations on the theme! They are not sold here, so my sister sends me replacements.

Years ago I used to wear a lovely front closing smooth cup from Lily of France that was very comfortable but I don't see it in their current models. This the closest, but it only goes up to 38C, which is why I don't buy them any more.

...and I do whip it off the bra as soon as I can decently do so at home.




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