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Well - actually It seems at present only two. Or three . One is quite adamant and the other is unhappy about my dictate, he finds it discriminatory. The third is ranting that we have a right to our group because  we have been so downtrodden - mind he is not happy about us - but we poor gals have a right because of what we have all gone through to  (possibly) have our own space. He suggested that we are "male bashing".  

In Guys & Gal Connecting two men have made it quite clear that they are not at all happy with being excluded from participating in our group, citing the bromides that if the roles were in reverse  we would be upset about being excluded and well - you can read the words of Peter James  and the concern by Apposite at your leisure. Click on the Peter James profile and you will see yet the  third voice of Tim Elston whom  I mentioned who is  protesting in Peter's  comment box. It is he who cites  "male bashing".

If it is not visible - I have it to post as I've a copy of the men's comments for Mr. James.

Shall we invite men to comment - or not. If so why ? If not - why?

Let us be clear about where we all stand on this issue. I will bow to the majority - which must constitute 15% of the active  membership which will constitute a  quorum.

Yes:   We permit  men to join and comment at will within this group

No:    We do not permit men to join and comment within this group

Thank you everyone.  This poll now closed.  It's unanimous. The group continues ~
For Women Only!

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And now, I've clipped my response to another thread and reposted it here:

Dazz--you know I love you. I hope you do. And my respect for you knows no bounds. I admire your tact, your diplomacy and your wellspring of kindness for pretty much everyone. But, there are times when I'd like to fwap you--this as regards Mr.James, who proclaims, on his home page, that he is "Born to irritate....sometimes". I don't negotiate with terrorists (or toddlers) and I decline, as graciously as the situation allows, to suffer fools--and so I offer you this jewel from Dorothy Parker: "With the crown of thorns I wear, why should I worry about a little prick like you?"

Mr. James is, apparently, one of those wanna-be "bad boys" who thrives on attention...and since respect and admiration require a certain amount of character, he's learned to cultivate negative attention. My mother would have called him a "shit disturber" and moved on.

Or, to borrow from a wise woman I know: "NEXT!"

As for the underlying issue of this forum being "For Women Only"? Pleasing everyone is, de facto, an impossibility. You were clear from the get-go that this forum was closed to men. Done. Dusted. Discussion over. If you feel you may have erred, by all means start another forum for women and men. I'll post there as the spirit moves me, as may Mr. James. But bullying you about this group's "orientation" just proves the point that this forum should remain FWO.

Now...as re T&T's view that men are being marginalized here? I haven't seen it. They're welcome to speak for themselves in a co-ed forum, but until they--or any man--can cogently, lucidly and accurately discuss things like the fit of a bra or the best way to deal with PMS or cramps, I don't see that they have any place here.

In return, I promise not to wander into an all-men's forum and offer, unsolicited, my "wisdom" on blue balls, power ties, or PSA tests.
What you said, MM. Twice.

Thank you.
I don't think there is any reason for them to join us. If they have things to say on man/woman relationship issues, they would be better off framing them in the Guys/Gals group. Our discussions seem to revolve more around feminine concerns. I think that the fact that we are an open book should be enough; we have nothing to hide.

If they need clarification or have things to say on one of our subjects, let them open their own group so we can read what they think about our concerns, or post a question or a discussion in the general forums.

Grow a pair, fellas.
Oops. Maricel's post was accidentally deleted (Sorry Mari - as I've explained in a PM) as it was a reply to a post I deleted due to my redundancy- again sorry!

Her vote was NO - unless the boys have a moniker and avatar sex change *chuckle*. I can just see it - a ' flutter' of Madame Butterflies anyone? Perchance a 'trance' of transvestites? An 'intrusion' of testosterone?
"No: We do not permit men to join and comment within this group."
No no no no.

Let's please not let them dictate what we do with this group. I love having a "girl's place" to go to. Research tells us that guys take up more space than gals do. This is our space. Sorry guys! xo
I agree with KathyArlene. As the group organizer, you should do what you feel is best and it seems like the group have spoken. Let's move on to other more interesting things!
Agreed! To quote our Suuse - "Done and Dusted'!
Discussion now closed (happy to re-open by request) but in the mean time - what a GREAT group of women. Thank you everyone!

It's re-opened because one of our members didn't get a chance to post - so although we are moving on - if anyone has more to say - please do!




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