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Since the jaundice episode (that both came and went with no explanation), I have been running a low-grade fever nearly every day. Strange pains (Fibromyalgia back??) and weirder sleep patterns, too.


So my record is still intact: I've seen about 25 specialists in the last 20 years, trying to diagnose a dozen or so bizarre health issues. Only two have acurately diagnosed and treated me: my orthopedist and my obstetrician! LOL


As if that weren't enough, my antidepressant meds are acting squirrely. All I can do, it seems, is cry. Please, dear and treasured friends -- pray for me. I'm SO sick of being sick! If I HAVE to be sick, at least let it be something diagnosable and fixable, and hook me up with my own personal Dr. House?


I know I'm not as visible as I used to be. Life is pulling me in many directions. I think of all of you often, and you ARE all in my thoughts and prayers.


Today I "went out" for the first time in weeks (beyond just the grocery store) to walk the labyrinth in our City Park. There was a group of us there walking and praying for a quick resolution to the oil spill in the Gulf. It's not looking good for our coastline, still so fragile from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.




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You must have heard our thoughts about you dear one. I for one have been thinking about you within the past 48 hours. You have my prayers for your well being 1000 times over precious one. So glad you came to us to share.
Good that you got out for walkies too. Such an important cause and situation right here at home that needs our focus and attention.
((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) xoxox

I hope you make your peace with your troubles. Sometimes just dwelling on it too much makes things worse. I'm feeling really out of sorts lately too....can't sleep well, strange pains, sensations, bothersome throat. Life is pulling me in many directions too. I feel better when I am doing or creating something that would take my mind off my worries. I also talk to God in the morning. It helps. He doesn't answer me back verbally of course, but I feel better anyway.

I guess the best we could do is focus on the bright side of life....being alive, being mobile, and being able to connect to many people at an emotional, psychological, and /or spiritual level. I don't know you that well, but I feel a kinship with you in spirit. =-) You are a beautiful person. Keep that in mind.
Quilty, you are in my thoughts and prayers....and I Believe that the power of collective prayer is awesome, and healing and offers a great deal of peace....Have not been on here much lately as have ventured over to my atlantis where the seas are calm and there is love....come join us there...
love and laughter to you
Good thoughts a-plenty coming at you!




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