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Self-promotion is a tricky bit of business, and not something that is usually encouraged here there and everywhere on a strictly social website. Yet I think it important to know what our members within this group have to share professionally with one another. So here is a haven whereby you can "strut your stuff". Tell us all about your business, your vocation, your avocation and your volunteer work! If you have your own web site, you may include it here. Several of our members are facing difficult life changing issues in the work force, so hopefully we can help one another with our combined years of professional experience and networking abilities.

In this manner, we will know who we can turn to for specific advice, be it cosmetics, interior design, accounting, photography, computers, travel, et al - so let's share and network!

Don't forget to protect your privacy where appropriate, and please represent yourself honestly and professionally. And just so we are clear, please - no soliciting members publicly or privately. If you have an interest in some one's product or ability, kindly conduct business privately with one another! If there is a business affiliation with a second or third party web site, please be clear as to the nature and structure of the affiliation. Thanks!

P.S. If anyone makes a connection through this that results in something terrific - do let us all know!

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Hi everyone,
SandraDee just lost her job, and I'm reminded of a burning question. How does one start researching the possibility of grants for mature students in this country? I'm at a complete loss. Is there any sort of government assistance for mature students?
Thank Wanda - it's for me that I ask - and others too. Very helpful. Having been away fro the USA for more than 32 years has me in a quandary at times as to where and how to search for info. Merci!
Gee Guys===what a nice group of ladies. This is my first contribation and you will find I cut to the chase. I manage a large up scale chain hotel and have for many years. It is a taxing job being on call 24/7. Being responsible for everything from the pool tempature to the front desk clerks attitude. The hotel has won many awards and I am proud of my achivements
Thanks Kati-did & Blondie for networking here with us!
What an amazing group!

I am a mother above all. I also own an upscale clothing store in the Washington, DC area. On the side I have an interior design business which is where I would really like to focus my efforts in the future. I was formerly a buyer for a large department store chain and numerous boutique stores around the US. I started my store on my own with no financing from outside sources. Mortgaged my home for the initial money to purchase inventory and pay rent for the first six months. Convinced clothing companies that I would pay net 60 days after ordering which is a tough task for anyone. Manufacturers want small shop owners to pay immediately after placing an order. The stress of the first few months after opening were immense. I had to sell to keep the dream alive. To prove something to myself, I had to make this work.

Recently I've become a cop policing my employees "theft" habits which is not fun. One employee called this "borrowing without asking." She was a dear friend's daughter so I didn't call the police. Another employee helped herself to a few items and I did call the police. They really could have cared less. This is one downside of being a business owner. I clean my store, lift boxes, do inventory, take out the trash, am on call 24/7 and do all the dirty work which is still fun. A rogue and dishonest employee is something I could live without. I'm proud of what I've accomplished and am now ready to do something else professionally.
Just saw the site and I'm impressed, Looks like teacher turned designer is happy and prosperous. Thank you for the link.
Ever heard of Dangerous Mathematiciansdesigns? I love some of their things though I could NEVER afford them!dangerousmathematicians.com Wanda

very interesting boutique....if I ever get married again, I'd pay them a visit and see if they can design a double helix into the the wedding gown trims (beaded bridal lace trims). LoL

imagine this design on a wedding gown trim or ribboned piping:

HI, I am a Certified Medical Manager and I own a billing service specializing in psychiatry.




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