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Self-promotion is a tricky bit of business, and not something that is usually encouraged here there and everywhere on a strictly social website. Yet I think it important to know what our members within this group have to share professionally with one another. So here is a haven whereby you can "strut your stuff". Tell us all about your business, your vocation, your avocation and your volunteer work! If you have your own web site, you may include it here. Several of our members are facing difficult life changing issues in the work force, so hopefully we can help one another with our combined years of professional experience and networking abilities.

In this manner, we will know who we can turn to for specific advice, be it cosmetics, interior design, accounting, photography, computers, travel, et al - so let's share and network!

Don't forget to protect your privacy where appropriate, and please represent yourself honestly and professionally. And just so we are clear, please - no soliciting members publicly or privately. If you have an interest in some one's product or ability, kindly conduct business privately with one another! If there is a business affiliation with a second or third party web site, please be clear as to the nature and structure of the affiliation. Thanks!

P.S. If anyone makes a connection through this that results in something terrific - do let us all know!

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Great thread!

Before kids I was an Elementary school teacher for 10 years (Kindergarten and Gr. 3). I'm now a SAHM and have been since my oldest was born 13 years ago. Some day I'll return to teaching, but not yet. Currently, I'm not involved in any volunteer work, but was an active Room Parent and school volunteer for several years. I was also a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. I did car seat inspections and taught parents how to properly install car seats and restrain their kids in vehicles.
Hi :)
Just joined your group, oh, about a minute ago!
I am a cosmetolgist.
I am anLPC Liscensed professional counselor and a certified addiction counselor III ( that just means I can supervise people who are getting their addiction counselng credentials) oh yeahhh...more work....I work in a community mental health center..stayed at home for years raising kids...went back to school when i was forty two....got undergrad degree in human services...worked as drug alcohol counselor for seven years...went to school..again...masters in contemplative psychotherapy....(psychology with a buddhist twist)...was 53 when i graduated...moved to oregon, worked there for a year and a half...moved back here...and now am thinking i probably need to work for at least seven more years....
I LOVE my job and my clients...run two dbt groups...a dual diagnosis group and varied other things...
thats mine...:-)
Currently, I'm a SAHM to my last two (of five) children, m/f twins who are 16 and juniors in high school.

From the time I was 7, I wanted to be a radio announcer. I finally made it happen, and loved it for fifteen years... until it was no longer records and live people on the phone, but babysitting computer programs.

I have been quilting on and off for about tweny years, and taught beginners' classes for several years. Great fun!

Now I'm staring at The Box that contains the materials for my home-study lock smith course, gathering the courage to open The Box.

The twins turned seventeen two weeks ago...

And I finally opened The Box!

My second set of grades came in last week, and I have all A's! Next week I start learning how to pick locks! Woohoo!

I have also volunteered myself to type for a writer and gemologist friend who can't get the words from his head to his fingers to the keyboard. He dictates, I type as fast as he thinks. It's going to be an AMAZING book (On how to have incredible sex after 40, 50 and beyond). He already has a publisher, and we have an agreement to pay me a percentage of the gross sales once it hits the shelves. (I'll let y'all know -- from what I've heard so far, it should be required reading before ANYONE has sex!)

He and I collaborated on a brochure showing off his gem stone cutting and setting, and I got to name the pieces in the brochure. He says he's 'lucky to have a poet on retainer'! :)

My newest skill? I got an air compressor that runs on the cigarette plug in my car, and I can now PUMP MY OWN DANG TIRES, THANKYOUVERYMUCH! :)
Dazz, I'd like to read about you!

I'm an artist and graphic designer, if I have to choose a label. Have been designing books and magazines lately. My artwork is up here: heralee.com, though it's a bit out of date. I'm having a studio clearing sale so if anyone is interested in some original artwork, let me know!
http://heralee.com/"> Here is the hyperlink to BlueHera's site ! Her art work is beautiful.

Felecia - looks as though you may need to post your links (don't forget your own web site too if you wish) (insert them into the hyperlink box ) again in a fresh post - as they didn't take.

If anyone has problems posting a link to their site kindly let me know .
As those of you launch your sites, please return and post the link here !

This is exciting !
Lots of creative and busy women here! I'm retired, but when I was working I enjoyed 25 years as an interior designer. I did a few other things before deciding on that and returning to school to get my BFA at 31, but I'm glad I didn't follow the conventional road that would have made me an English teacher. I needed to put my artistic, creative side to work, and after working for several years in the fashion industry I chose to study interior design, because of the one-on-one client relationship.

In 1992 I retired to a sleepy village in the wine country of central France, where I did - after all - spend nearly ten years as a volunteer - teaching English! Now I'm retired from that and spend my time on my friends and my interest in nature, particularly wild plants and mycology - the study of mushrooms.

Monday mushroom study group...

Some beautiful edible mushrooms...

n late October, we put on an exposition in Saumur, and identify over 150 varieties.
Now I'm hungry for risotto. Go figger!
I am a CCU nurse. Graduated 1991 but took off some time 1999-2004 to have 2 more babies. Re-entered workforce FT 2006 for a year, then cut back to PT mostly weekends. Am now interviewing for the Heart Failure Clinic at same hospital for PT position.
During my time as a SAHM, I discovered parenting message boards. It was a great outlet for the isolation one sometimes feels being a SAHM. Having a teen daughter is what kept me home, not the little babies. She is 23 now and doing well. Formed a bond with 7 women via message boards- we discussed everything. Had arguments, apologies- thats what happens when you get a spirited group of women together who are passionate about what they believe. I would like to say we learned to temper ourselves... we did improve compared to when we first started.
Yup. I hear you Rhon91 ! Welcome!!! Psst - I've got the best group of women here to keep us all on track! Thank you for joining us!
Re: "Am now interviewing for the Heart Failure Clinic at same hospital for PT position."
Come back to us and let us know how the interview goes. We will want to know! Knock it OUT!
I love learning about everyone here! I work for a women's shelter and violence prevention center, managing services for the adult clients (we also have a full children's dept.) which includes case management, legal advocacy, and anti-violence educational programming (support groups). I have 3 wonderful advocates whom I supervise that provide those services. I also do some community outreach, participate on an advisory board for our county family court, and help out with whatever is needed which could be anything from stocking supplies to grant writing to doing a presentation for the United Way or the Rotary Club...lol.
I've been there almost 12 yrs and still on cloud nine. Over the years, I've met some very interesting women and the best part is observing someone who "gets it" and becomes empowered to take her life back right before our eyes.....it's very exciting when that happens.




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