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Well this was the consignment shoppe thread that never was *chuckle* /;-D AND - can anyone please translate what's written above her bum? Is it Russian?

. . . don't know 'bout you but I'm mad for good consignment shoppes.
http://www.emphaticnyc.com/index.php .

Now I think I'll turn it into a fave. website - for any reason at all  thread!  We personally bookmark ALL SORTS of sites - let's share our finds !

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In favorites - thanks! Good little kick in the pants, that man.
LOVE this blog - it's my daily or so hit of fashion and Europe and the most intriguing SHOES (!!!!) dancing about on cobblestones - how do they manage this?!? Enjoy!

The best travel site for women on the web (imo) is http://www.journeywoman.com/ Evelyn Hannon (a Toronto gal and an acquaintance of mine) started Journeywoman as a magazine in the mid-nineties. I advertised with her with considerable success when I had my travel company. Now her site is a multi- award winning smash hit. Women helping women travel worldwide. Sign up for her monthly newsletters! The site is clean and clear and advertising is strictly vetted, minimal and germane to travel . I'm a devoted fan.




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