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How is everyone managing with all the restrictions concerning liquids and one's carry on bag? Do you need packing tips? Have some to share? Make it so!

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Diana, I haven't traveled to the States since 2003, and have only heard rumors. What exactly are these draconian rules we must obey? I suppose I could google them, but it could be helpful to have them here to refer to as we talk.
I will give you a blow by blow down to the exact dimensions of the draconian limitation of the product carrying on bag (zip lock bag) so you will be prepared to travel with ease. I'll be back!
clear plastic bottles (so no blue, pink, purple, etc). 1-quart ziplock--and most security queues have them available. All meds should be in the Rx bottles in which they were issued.

And don't bother bringing bottled water w you--it won't make it past security; buy your bottled water (or soda) *after* you clear security.
Hi everyone! Once a travel consultant, always one I suspect !

Sometimes, it is important to go right to the source, to ensure one gets it absolutely right. A must read.


I use two 7 1/2 by 8 inch heavy duty zip lock bags. One is too flimsy and breaks easily with the fast and hard handling. Five years and not one peep from any one over the double bag bit. As long as they can see clearly, and it's not packed to the point of bursting at the seams, it's cool. Lipstick(s) and solid lip gloss, blush, and perfume (I'm LOVING the Tocca travel size solid perfumes - "Cleopatra" - $30.00 tocca.com is lovely as are all their scents) scld. go in the baggy too. Just so no one will natter. Eyeliner(s) can go with your brushes - get a mini (baby) travel brush set at hsn.com and powder makeup can be separate. Drug stores now carry name brand mini's of almost everything. Have a look. Duty Free is a pain now for perfume shopping. You must do your duty free before you check you bag, as the purchase must go in your checked luggage, then onto the baggage ramp. Every airport is different. Be sure to ask for exact instructions before saying goodbye to your checked in luggage.

Water etc. must be - as Suuse advised, purchased once past all security functions. At an exorbitant fee of course. But - you don't want to be caught without your own water on a aircraft, so budget for two bottles if it's a long flight.

Kindly note I use the word "you" herein and " inclusively " for ease of explanation.

I save clear plastic bags that linens and curtains etc. come in. Outstanding for packing your liquid stuff (and shoes and belts) in for your checked luggage. Esp. if the clear plastic bag has zipper. I have it on excellent authority that the odds of having your checked suitcase unlocked for a poke around is dramatically reduced if you put the liquid containers - (large sunscreen bottle, perfume, body cream etc. ) in a clear plastic bag. It scans better, and if they do have to open your suitcase, a quick glance tells them what they need to know. Ditto with ALL shoes. Put your shoes in a clear plastic bag and have same ON TOP of all your cloths side by side with the liquid bag - also ON TOP. Certain types of heels - like wedges - can not be scanned properly - it shows up solid on a scan. Ditto with your shoes in your carry on. This is also why you must take off your shoes (wear socks or footsies please to protect your feet, and don't travel in sandals) as they have developed a stronger scanner to penetrate the metal in many heels. Don't put your books at the bottom of your suitcase either. Ditto ON TOP. What are you doing with heavy books anyway (!?) - if you can afford to travel you can afford a Kindle! Used ones on ebay are fine for those who just travel occasionally and to the beach. Soooooooo much easier and you can download stuff to read whilst on the plane!

Ditto on a clear plastic bag for all the cords adapters etc. I have had so many kudos from security over this I've lost count.
Happy making! Thank you! Yes- things have changed dramatically since then I'm afraid. Wear a bra without wires, a good sport bra if possible. The under-wires cause problems. Don't bother with a belt with a buckle - you will have to remove it. Deep pockets (vests and or flap jacket) is your best friend.
I travel a lot, often on the spur of the moment.

I keep a bag packed with a heavy-duty extension cord (multiple outlets) for my hair dryer, and other "rechargeables." I have a spare phone charger, spare iPod charger, the wall charger for my GPS, and ALL the toiletries I normally use at home, from toothpaste to nail files and baby wipes and batteries. I keep a book (short stories are perfect) and a flashlight, too. That way, I never have to remember anything.

If I run out of something on the road, I leave myself a note in my wallet, where I'm sure to see it when I get home.
I'm driving...:-)

Two black jackets: one long (duster or thigh length), one short (cropped)
White blouse (long sleeves)
A half-dozen camisoles in various colours
Black jeans
Black trousers
Blue jeans
Flat black shoes
Black heels (in my case, lizard cowboy boots)

I can go *anywhere*--and my clients range from rock and rollers to F100 executives.

And, like Quilty, since I often travel on the spur of the moment, I keep a gear bag packed--cords, cables, adapters.
Indeed it is!
Thanks for this. I'm packing for three weeks in Okinawa right now and your list is helping me focus!!
Okinawa? I used to live there!!!
I have 3 camisoles that are 4 in 1. They have 4 colors, one on each section of the cami and it is reversible. The colors are all complimentary and they are wonderful for traveling and mixing under jackets.




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