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We are living in and through very difficult times. What sort of legacy are we leaving behind for our sons and daughters, and our grandchildren? What kind of moral ethic have we bequeathed to the young?

I find so many twenty and thirty somethings to be angry, rude, hysteric, skeptical, wary, inconsiderate and bitter. Which translates to plain old - frightened. Or, if they are fortunate enough to be successful, their dismissive arrogance and greed out rivals that exemplified by our lot in the eighties! In contrast, there are those few who have an evolved vision, and are struggling against considerable odds to improve the situation of others.

Are you optimistic about their future on this savage little planet? We all know they will cope, but how well have we equipped them to survive? How do you perceive the young people that surround you, especially those with whom you work? Do they have it together, or are they as confused as we are, if not more so?

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I teach at a University and the young people I meet are kind and concerned. They are also self-preoccupied ( part of the necessary process of breaking with their families and finding their own identities.) Most seem to have it together far more than I did at their age - although I thought I did of course because back then I knew I knew everything. How I have changed! (grin!)
Thanks WS! Interesting.
I have found that those in collage are still open minded and somewhat flexible. It is the lot out in the working world (and those struggling just as hard as we older folks to find work) that seem overtly angry more often than not.

I keep looking at our world and I must say - I can't blame them over much.
I can see both ends of the spectrum in my own family.
My youngest brother is raising smart, funny, confident, kind, caring children.
My older brother is raising (has raised ) bitter, petty, self-absorbed children.

Larry and his wife have a very clear set of “rules” for their children to live by. If they break them, they suffer the consequences. Both parents support one another and there is no “giving in”. Both parents are also actively involved in their children’s lives and they also have dinner together almost every night.
Jim and his wife on the other hand…little to no discipline in the household. The parents are self-absorbed and bitter people with a sense of entitlement. They have passed those qualities to their children.

Most of the children/young adults I know that are leading positive lives have a strong family that supports them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I am an optimist and believe that there are more children like Larry’s in our world that will have a positive influence on our future…
I have taught young adults, college classes, and adult education where I came in contact with people of many ages. I found the young adults in the adult education classes (lower economic scale) to be more adamant that their way was the right way. I found the young college students to be extremely self confident, much more so than I was at their age.

I have tried to impress on all of my students that we must support our country - or get out of it. That means supporting the military, buying American, and trying not to have a felony that would take away their right to vote.

I am not sure if I changed anybody's mind, but I did get some to buy American products. So that is a start, I guess.


I work with a lot of young-ish people, but it's in a highly professional, medical environment, so the people there are relatively well paid and respected, having worked hard to get where they are, and don't have much to be angry about. They might not be the ones you're talking about, but they're all quite upstanding, upbeat, conscientious, reliable, and a pleasure to work with.




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