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I had a wonderful Scottish Terrier for a while. Angus. He was the perfect dog for me, we suited one another !   Scotties are highly independent and confident and they need a firm and loving hand in order for them to respect their owner.

Tonight I am utterly beside myself with happiness to see that long time favourite "Sadie", a gorgeous four year old bitch who won best in Terrier group last year - won BEST IN SHOW at the Westminster Dog Show.  She is lovely and it's made me so happy to see a Scottie win!

Let's post pictures  of out treasures, past and present!

"Sadie" (officially named "Mercedes of Maryscot" !) pretty lady ! ~ Best In Show 2010 @ The Westminster Dog Show!

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Wonderful temperament and easy to train LGT. Great dogs.
( I used to train dogs - may get back into it here in RDU if I can find the right group).
I've had 2 English Springers.....great dogs!!
I so miss my great Pyr who died almost 2 years ago now. Unfortunately he is old and blowing his coat in the picture below, but he was

a fine dog. I've NEVER seen a pyr win best in show at any dog show. That makes me a little sad! In the mean time I have an English bulldog puppy. I guess you can tell who is queen of our house:

Oh - I can't tell you how much a I want a Scottie. Almost had one in Toronto - but my ex and I split up and I came to Raleigh. The one I had belonged to someone else - I (we - meaning my ex of 20 years) and I had Angus for a few months. Returning him broke my heart a bit. So ex and I were investigating getting a puppy. When I first met Angus it was mutual love at first sight. Somehow I just get how Scotties think. They are not very sociable and actually quiet aloof - only resonating to those who they sense really like them. Not easy to train either - they need a very gentle but very firm hand. (Bit like me actually hehehe!) What makes me very unhappy is that I only have one picture of Angus - it's packed away at present in the memory box I'm loathe to look in right now. But I have a picture of me standing in front of a picture of Angus I think saved in my PC picture file. I go look.
Rambling here . . . I love dogs. And now thanks to Frankie - cats too!
Maltese are very intelligent and protective. I like their nature.
OMGoooodness this is too funny! Look at her little face ! Awwwwwwww!

Delightful pictures everyone - thank you!

One of my better ideas I see (she says with such humility ;) I don't know 'bout you all but I'm finding looking at our pets very cheering - even those who have graduated . Please keep posting everyone! WS ~ I know what is it like to lose a very large dog (in our case - Great Danes) their life is much shorter yet their presence looms so large, it's akin to almost human. When their physical presence is gone - it lingers for a very long time. Not to negate smaller dog loss - it's just hard to explain. Anyway - I((( heart))) you WS. Re: Winning - if it's any consolation - 13 shows and this is the 1st time for a Scottie to win! And - I don't think a Great Dane has ever won either - yet. So hope can spring eternal for a Pyrs too! I know Pyrs - they are magnificent dogs, very even tempered and thoughtfully social and polite. Quiet smart too. A close friend in Toronto had two and I spent time training them and we grew close. Your Bull Dog looks adorable - slobber much lol?!?
Oooops - that's 134 shows by the WDS ! Lost the 4 in cyber space!
What a sweetie!
My son's dog, Nikota. One of our family....

Very elegant and extremely intelligent too. Immensely loyal and calm once mature. What a face Nikota has !

Asko and I - we were five, we are out side of London in this picture. He and I were born on the same day within hours of one another on April 12th. He in Vienna, and I in Salzburg. My father was president of the Great Dane Society of Austria. He was gifted with the pick of a Fawn Great Dane litter, and he and Asko apparently bonded instantly. Asko's name was so long (Asko von .............. ) that I don't remember it and would have to find the papers. He understood his commands in 5 languages, but could only speak dog. He almost died on the ship we travelled on from England to America, we arrived with him just in time.

He was 180 pounds at his best - and he won many awards. But for me as an only child, he was my big brother and we were inseparable. he had his own room but he insisted upon sleeping in my room so his bed was moved into my bedroom. Lord but that animal could fart!

I suspect this is why I do good dog (not the farting bit - I mean the working with dogs well bit;) My poor mum - saddled with three dogs, one of them a puppy, and me. Seven years we had together. I watched him die, holding him with my mother.

When I experience my 1st near death experience in my late thirties - it was Asko who came running to greet me. He hit an invisible barrier that took him by such surprise that he mushed his mask (face) against it and bounced back so hard he sat on his haunches and howled in irritation! It was very funny. He was not pleased. That's when I knew I was dead, but very much alive.

I now know for certain I will see my pets again.

I agree with every ounce of my being Gita, which is why my heart utterly breaks for those who now are so financially devastated they must give up their beloved pets. I'm a strong advocate for rescue and adoption.




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