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And now my bras are falling off and I have to lace my tennis shoes tighter.

Life's a BITCH! LOL


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Dear Quilty,
Congratulations and you have my permission to go out and be fitted for a new bra. Go for glamour this time---and buy more than one! They and you are worth it!
Yeahhhhhhhh for you quilty.....losing weight is not easy but doable...had my physical this week over the past three days...i joined ww in march and have reached my goal weight...yipeeeeee...now time to buy new clothes...
anyhow they just called me to let me know my cholestrol (sp????? god i miss speel cheek) is so good...they are amazed....
the good news bout losing weight...
keep it up...and buy some new bras and tennis...
love and laughter to all this day
Like you, PF, I'm on my way! :) I hope this finds YOU stronger every day, too!
Quilty & Baia! Welcome! Too funny Quilty! Good for YOU! Have yourself fitted properly. Yes yes some gal is gonna measure those puppies for you. Get over it. A well fitted bra can take more pounds off by making you look slimmer and by giving you proper support!
I have another 200 pounds to go. I'm going to wait a while before I get TOO much new stuff.
Go for it Quilty, I recently was measured because I had lost 35 lbs. I am amazed with how much more comfortable my bras are. Who would have thought. Go for it, you deserve it.
I did it the "hard" way, Bonnie. I found out I was suffering from aluminum poisoning. (It only took 8 months and 7 doctors to figure out why I was running fever of 101 to 102 every day!)

The diet to eliminate aluminum is very similar to the gluten-free diet for Celia Disease. No wheat, no processed foods, nothing that's been in a can. I had to change even my deodorant, laundry soap, bath soap, and toothpaste! No more Magnalite cookware, either. (Pout, pout!) Aluminum and its by-products are in almost everything.

Once I started truly following the guidelines, the weight started to come off. Yes, I feel a lot healthier, too! And since Alzheimer's runs in my family, I was really grateful to find out that I don't metabolize aluminum before it destroyed my brain.
It's chilling to read how much aluminum is in stuff. This has given me considerable pause for thought. I'm going to examine everything even more carefully than before. Thank you very much Quilty, and we are behind you 1000% . BRAVA! Please share with us every bit of good news and if you feel you hit a plateau (it happens, don't stress, come tell us ) we will jolly you onwards and upwards towards your goals.
Wow, are you sensitive to it or this was an actual overdose? Makes me wonder how much aluminum all of us get in our diets. I'm glad you're feeling better.
The best cookware, in my opinion, is made of surgical steel. Best in maintenence, cleaning and cooking. That's what I use anyway.
What brand it your cookware Alla?
It's called 'Zepter'. It is made in Europe. I never had anything better in my life. The concept is incredible. All pots have very thick bottoms and ptactically can cook without water, just steam.




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