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My hair started turning darker at the roots a few years ago so I decided to match the bottom to the roots about 6 months ago. My ex hub's GF said she knew what she was doing. Hmm... She used a medium ash brown on my virgin hair but took forever to put it on & then told me to leave it on for 15 minutes longer than directions. I finally got sense enough to wash it out when I saw it turning so dark. It was permanent. She turned my hair black as a raven's wing. I just bought a permanent medium golden brown and did a strand test today. It didn't do squat. Does anyone have suggestions? My name is Cherokee for Raven but I don't want black hair. It has gradually turned to darkest brown but I want my natural color back. (on profile pic) I've tried temporary and it won't lighten hair. I haven't been in a salon since I was a teenager and really don't want to go. But my hair has grown about 6 inches since profile pic and my roots are golden brown. (I think) After all this I'm getting a few white streaks, which I think are kind of cool but now roots are lighter and ends almost black. Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo it? Help??? Moral of story - never let ex's GF touch my hair again.

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Yikes! Medium ash brown was used if she had had a clue because she would have noticed that you have a red cast to your natural hair colour. First off, do you have any idea of the make of the product? If I have this intell. I can help a bit more. Let us know! If not, I have some suggestions but need an answer to the product question first. We'll get you sorted darling! .
Diana, is there anything you don't know about???!!!
And poor Golanv, I am so sorry for you that I won't even ask how you decided to let this particular person touch your hair in the first place! I wish I had a suggestion. Good luck.
This is the question that actually kept me from answering this thread, lol.
Which one Alla. the one about Golanv's hair or the one (Chez I'm gonna spank you) Chez posed? LoL!

All I did was call in an expert. It was thanks to my friend I have an answer for G. I just know about the importance of using a product with "ash" in it because I'm a redhead, and anyone with red in their hair, even if just a cast to it, must have it balanced with an ash based product, or one will look like an orange brass bell !
The prob. with Golanv's hair is that there is really no easy way to lighten her hair without stripping it first. Black is very difficult to come back from, which is why I so need the name or brand of the product. I went for the back hair (my quasi punk goth girl period) look many many years ago - it was dreadful on me. My mum almost fainted. I finally had to have it professionally cared for to lighten it to at least a deep chestnut brown. Fortunately it was much shorter. Now there are easier ways - but I need more intell. I nudged her. Just waiting and waiting and if anyone has other ideas - sing UP! Is there a hair colourist in the house?
Sorry about that. Sound man showed up to talk music and just finally split. I wrote this much earlier today. Thank you for all the comments. Chez, I trust her about as far as I can throw her but play music with my ex so I was nice to her. She's gone now and he told me she was always jealous of me because she didn't play guitar. I believe Felicia may be onto something here. Maybe go with the shampoo out color in medium brown until the permanent fades away. Does this take forever? Hair was naturally going darker anyway. Anyone wants med golden brown I've got 2 boxes to give away. ;)

Thank you Zoomer ~ With hair as long as mine it is truly bizarre. I think photo is a little red now that I look at it more closely. I believe she used Loreal excellence creme. when I flipped out, she came in with Natural Instincts in clove color. (temporary for 24 shampoos) But it just made it darker and never went away. I used to be golden blonde into my early 30's. I've let it go for several months but looks like bowl was put on my head and hair darkened around it. ;) New growth is light golden brown. Before she colored it I had strands of blonde, brown, red, black, you name it but it looked dark blonde, light brown from a distance. Cool color. I'd really like to let my freak flag fly. (tiny white streak starting on one side) I even considered purple. Now I'm just letting it be and wearing a hat over lighter part but think I will be over 100 when it ever fades back to lighter color. If you gals can help I will be eternally grateful.
WoW. Two or three things to keep in mind. Hair is dead the moment you see a shoot of it sprout! It gets lighter, much lighter at the ends - hence trimming the ends is important to give hair body and bounce. Never use the ends of your hair to gauge your hair colour.

Your hair received a double whammy of colour, and the strands were saturated - and are now more than likely quite fragile,. She at least used an ash colour - to prevent brassiness - which usually results when one has red tones or a red cast to one's hair. Using another brand of product was utter idiocy - and that did you in completely. Never mix different brands! I have asked for help form a girlfriend colourist, but in the mean time, L'Oreal has a great help desk. Ensure you write down the time line and products used. They even have a help desk web site. I use L'Oreal Couleur Experte as it has an anti-brass formula in the colour I need, plus it has an added 2-step system of allowing me to add high lights. These days, I invest in a great hair cut and do my own colour, but I know what I'm doing, after many mistakes. Hence I know about the help line! This problem is a work in progress I can see!
Thank you Diana ~ I'll see exactly what she used and try the help desk. If I thought it would look as great as yours I would consider a haircut. Here is a link to website ex put up so you can see the results. The 3rd one, taken by his GF one morning when I was barely awake and no make up was right after she dyed it. Actually, if I'd brushed it and had time for a bit of mascara and a cup of coffee maybe it would be better. (Have to change this pic; can't believe he used it!) Also, you can click on the top of this link and hear new songs I wrote. Still have to get drums, bass, keyboards, flute recorded but these are the basics. http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.aspx?epk_id=195317
Is not as dark as pic now so maybe Felicia is right and I should stay with it. Looks like I don't have much choice anyway. Too many allergies to walk in a salon; I have trouble breathing. Thank you everyone for trying. I'm 1/8 Cherokee/Nez Perce so if I can't change it maybe I'll just start wearing a beaded headband and 'go Native'. :)
Well. This has taken all day! My colourist had a fit. She offered to travel to Ashville lol! First off, you need professional assistance. Many hairstylists are also colour experts and in this economy - are HAPPY to make a house call. Meet for coffee (your treat) so you can discuss the problems and so he/she can eyeball you, and set a price for a home visit including product. Stale dated "ColourZap" can be useless, don't buy it yourself. This will solve A LOT of problems.

The following product L'Oreal "ColorZap" http://www.lorealtechnique.com/haircolor_05.shtml is what might just do the trick. It must not be used on your roots - only on the section of your hair that was dyed and is still dark. You need a trim. You might consider a few inches off - not too much but enough to give your hair some body again and get rid of the point ends. The more hair you have, the longer it will take to apply this stuff, and the more careful some one has to be with timing. It strips the colour out leaving you with even more fragile and odd coloured (but usually much lighter hair) ready to be dyed all one colour again. And yes, you will need an all over colour, right after wards, but I 'm told it can be a semi - permanent and more "organically" friendly L'Oreal or co-friendly brand of product. You can not do this yourself, and an inexperienced friend will be even worse.

It's your beautiful hair darling. invest in it. Get several recommendations and interview these people. Everyone is eager for extra monies and work and a new client. The only other option is to find "Prell" shampoo or another brand of "harsher" shampoo and just keep shampooing every other day with the hope that over time it will keep getting lighter.

I agree with Felicia, I think you should go to shoulder length or so and then either go dark warm brown again all over, or go in a deep auburn brown direction after stripping the old yuck out. It's impossible to tell exactly from a photo. So. pay for an expert. Even if it's just advice.

The more professional I've become in my life with my strengths, the more I've appreciated the professions of others, and have been willing to pay accordingly. Let us know what you decide please! If anyone else has any other ideas - sing it up! xox
P.S. I just want to add that it took all day to get a reply from my GF and that it was all good! Actually, it was very educational. She has been a colourist for more than 30 years, and I trust her opinion, and I trust her with my baby fine hair, all three strands of it that I have left.
Dianna ~ You are an absolute wonder. I can't thank you enough. I checked out the link and appreciate all the info. I'm sort of getting used to the color as it is fading. It has been several months since she colored it and the ends are the darkest part so maybe a drastic trim would help. I measured hair and it is 3 feet long! So I think I could part with some of it. LOL. I may find some Prell since I'm regretting ever coloring it in the first place, or go with a product that doesn't lighten natural hair. As the color fades it is getting closer to root color so I may just cool my jets and see what happens. Many are wondering why I'd let this person touch my hair but ex and I had amiable divorce 17 years ago and I've been friends with most of his gf's as I am with him. She & I get along fine except when she gets uneasy about our relationship, which is all music and friendship. She was living with him when she did my hair but has moved out. I believe she understands now that I was not looking to get back together with him or put move on him but can't wrap her head around situation. She had 2 marriages that ended very badly after she went back and forth. My ex is my best friend; this threatens some ladies but I'm cool with it all. Thanks a million. I will try harsher shampoo and see how it goes before I decide. I've tried short but I like being able to twist it up on top of my head when I'm painting and couldn't do that with short hair. It has also become my 'security blanket' in many ways and is warm in wintertime when I wrap it like a scarf. All you gals totally rock!
I spoke with my GF earlier, she was anxious to know what you have been thinking. She totally agrees with you that this is the very best course of action.

Taking some length off she says will make a world of difference, and do it now - it grows back quickly . Prell or any of the basic cheap shampoos for men will do the trick. She reminds you to use conditioner and to deep condition once or twice a month. Just being in the sun a bit will fade it too. Don't use rubber bands in your hair, it's too fragile and will cause breakage. (She has looked carefully at your pictures, I'm repeating her advice).

I asked her what she thought and she agreed, so think about using John Frieda's Sheer Blond or Red (I alternate - so can you - the Brown might be perfect for you) Highlight Activating Shampoo and corresponding conditioner. It's good on both natural and treated hair, and the shine is terrific. I love the stuff.

Do give us an update with a picture once you have had a trim - we will expect updates!!! Happy my GF could be of help. It's been an interesting quandary and I for one learnt a lot !!! The moral of this story ? Don't ever ever ever . . . mix different brands of store bought hair products without professional help!!! /*-D




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