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My hair started turning darker at the roots a few years ago so I decided to match the bottom to the roots about 6 months ago. My ex hub's GF said she knew what she was doing. Hmm... She used a medium ash brown on my virgin hair but took forever to put it on & then told me to leave it on for 15 minutes longer than directions. I finally got sense enough to wash it out when I saw it turning so dark. It was permanent. She turned my hair black as a raven's wing. I just bought a permanent medium golden brown and did a strand test today. It didn't do squat. Does anyone have suggestions? My name is Cherokee for Raven but I don't want black hair. It has gradually turned to darkest brown but I want my natural color back. (on profile pic) I've tried temporary and it won't lighten hair. I haven't been in a salon since I was a teenager and really don't want to go. But my hair has grown about 6 inches since profile pic and my roots are golden brown. (I think) After all this I'm getting a few white streaks, which I think are kind of cool but now roots are lighter and ends almost black. Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo it? Help??? Moral of story - never let ex's GF touch my hair again.

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Felicia, whatever you decide, drastic change might be unexceptable by you, once it's done. If you really want to change the color of your hair, I think the way to do it - go slow, gradually.
Sounds like she had an ulterior motive to be sure....
don't ya just hate it when that happens...i remember once i tried to frost my hair myself...it was all different shades of no idea what colors...some was white....a little chicken yellow...bright orange...light orange it was awful....left a meeting to go home and die it brown...yikes...
so golanv..............so sorry my friend....'love and laughter to you
I tried a new brand one time, and the dark brown I'd gotten turned burgundy after 3 washings. And that's why I never lied about coloring my hair, I never knew when it was going to tell on me!

If it hasn't lightened much after 6 months of washings, it ain't gonna.
True on that - so doing the whole home thing has to be done with great care! That's why I stick with one brand and one help desk!
Bwaaaahahahaha ---- I let my hubby's ex cut my hair! Yep....and this was before their divorce was final. This was not the most pleasant divorce and I went to the house to pick up his son and next thing I know I am in her kitchen with my back to her and she's holding a pair of scissors. Brave, eh?

She did a great job! A few months later we were friends. Four years later the mister was gone (what the hell was I thinkin when I hooked up with him!?) and the ex and I were still friends - and continued to be until I slipped off into the jungles of Belize then we lost contact (lack of having phone in the jungle back in the old days).

Go figure.......

As for coloring......not a clue but sounds like Daz knows.......

Jumping back into this: My hair was to my waist when I cut it to bottom of my ears - Golanv...it will grow back - and I think a short do would look great on you. Be wild - give it a try!
Welcome JL!

Good story! Yes you were VERY brave!
I'm not an expert on much of anything really. I just know who to ask and where to look for info. My journalism training from long ago, when I thought I was going to be the next Orianna Fallaci.

Suuse labeled me an INFOMANIAC (love it - she suggested I trade mark this) today! She is quite correct. Knowledge is my drug of choice.

Golanv - here is a set of reviews I found for you about "ColorZap" on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Loreal-Colorzap-Color-Remover-Kit/product-rev... that you might find helpful.

hahahaha a just revenge! (ewe)
good one, lmao!
Girl, in all honesty I cant believe you let that woman touch your hair, lol. Don't you know she probably wanted to make you look as bad as possible deliberately? Don't do it again, not with that chick anyhow. You could try a light ash brown yourself and it may come back to your color or you may have red in it but not too bad I dont think. Honey, don't let an ex's anyone do your hair ever again! Hope you get some good suggestions. This is about all I can tell ya for now. Good luck sugar!
You are probably right on here, Rose. I took Diana's advice and cut off 6 inches of dryed dyed hair so now it is at my waist and is starting to wave again a bit and get body back. YES! I've used the Prell 3 times and the color is actually changing back to my own! I think I learned my lesson with this one and will keep my hair. I have to will it to Prunella anyway. I like the brazilian wax job idea for the ex's gf. LOL. I think her major problem is that he won't buy her the boob job she wants and I don't need. ;) Just got a bite today from a recording exec and invitation to go to Nashville and play for some producers. She will flip out if we go but can't let her hold us back anymore. Besides, she likes $$$ too much to interfere with this. Hope to have my hair color back by time I go to performance in September. I will post a pic after a couple more shampoos. Thank you to everyone. I should have asked about this 2 months ago.
Hi Diana ~ Everyone. I've had a couple more shampoos with the Prell and thought I should post a pic. I have no idea how to shrink it and I think it's the size of a house. But you can see the difference it has made already from the sonic bids pic I posted. The top 3 or 4 inches and my bangs are my natural color that has grown out since the dye job. The Prell is taking out the distinct line that looked like a bowl around my head and bringing color back in sections. Still some dark streaks but I washed it again after the pic was made this morning and it is lighter so I will keep it up. What a difference less than 2 weeks has made! I am loving this and have hopes that I will eventually get my real color back. Thank you so much to Diana and all of you for your help. P.S. It is growing so fast after taking off the 6" it is unbelievable. I was really tired this am & will post a better pic as hair comes back to life.

Here is the pic right after the dye job. I am amazed that it is changing so quickly now

. Thank you!!!




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